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Typical Challenges

  • Are you struggling to find skilled people?
  • Are you developing your employees to fill future needs?
  • Do you need assistance with effective recruitment?
  • Are your handbooks and compliance policies up to date?

Our Approach

For manufacturing companies, it is becoming more and more challenging to retain and recruit the best employees.  Workforce development can increase your employees’ performance level to achieve growth for your company. MANTEC provides insights and guidance on identifying and evaluating the skills and competencies of your current staff and establishing and implementing targeted strategies to increase worker proficiency.

Tools to Success

MANTEC has a variety of tools that will assist you with workforce development and compliance.
Cultural Assessment– MANTEC will analyze and assess the culture of your company to expose the strengths and weaknesses. The results and changes will help to improve the environment for your employees.
Employee Assessments– This tool will help develop and maintain the employees that meets your company’s wants and needs. We will develop a custom evaluation program to measure the performance of your employees.
Supervisory Development– All companies need great leaders to model for all employees. MANTEC offers management training that will develop employees into great managers.
OSHA Training– Safety is a top priority in any business and needs to be addresses to all employees. MANTEC offers comprehensive, up to date OSHA compliance training that will ensure your company is meeting standards of a safe and healthful working environment.
Policies– MANTEC’s Human Resources team can help create or edit employer policies and procedures. Having an employee handbook will give easy access to all guidelines of your company when instances occur.


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HR Challenges

A Success Story

PolyVisions engaged with MANTEC to evaluate candidates and analyzing the Human Resource Policies, Practices and Procedures to determine compliance.  Read Real Results!

HH Ross turned to MANTEC to complete an environmental and industrial hygiene survey/assessment.  Read Real Results!


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