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Behind almost every successful manufacturing company is a coordinated team of knowledgeable, dedicated and satisfied employees. At every level of a business, people drive results.

Though most business leaders understand the importance of human resources for recruiting workers and handling disputes, they sometimes underestimate the potential of HR professionals to influence a company’s overall success. Embracing HR in your manufacturing company leads to better experiences for your customers, your employees and your bottom line.

How Human Resources Managers Impact Success

Human resources managers are the people responsible for overseeing the hiring, training and development of employees. In addition to recruiting new employees, they help ensure current staff are satisfied in their positions and tackle many other people-related duties that keep your business running smoothly.

In the manufacturing industry, HR professionals use their skills to boost productivity and profits while ensuring employees are motivated to come to work. HR functions such as hiring and retaining employees, increasing employee engagement, managing workplace safety and assessing employee performance all allow the business to thrive when done effectively.

Whether you have a single human resources manager or a large HR department, these professionals can have a significant impact on your business’ success, so it’s essential to give them the resources they need to perform.

Tips for Making the Most of HR in Manufacturing

Taking a strategic approach to HR can help your manufacturing business cut costs, increase employee engagement and handle challenges facing the industry. Use these tips to drive results in manufacturing through human resources:

  1. Hire professionals with industry insight. The manufacturing industry faces unique labor challenges. As automation increases and low-wage manufacturers draw jobs overseas, it’s becoming harder to find qualified and interested employees. Furthermore, the documented and projected decreases in U.S. manufacturing jobs have left many workers feeling insecure. An HR professional who knows the industry can tackle these challenges with experience to guide them.
  2. Modernize your HR processes. Many manufacturing companies go years without updating their HR procedures and policies. Simplifying and digitizing your procedures can improve efficiency and make it easier to retain younger employees.
  3. Monitor your company culture. Employees’ attitudes impact how hard they work, how much you can produce and how you appear to your customers. HR can have a significant impact on company efficiency and profitability by creating a positive culture in which employees feel heard and enthusiastic about their jobs.
  4. Invest in managerial training. When experience plays a role in job execution, line managers are vital to success. Investing in leadership training can turn good employees into great leaders who can keep HR informed about what’s going on on the floor.

In these ways, South Central Pennsylvania manufacturing companies have much to gain from effective human resources management.

MANTEC Provides HR Knowledge to Help Your Company Succeed

At MANTEC, we offer human resources tools and services to help you meet your business goals. As a non-profit consulting firm, we’re dedicated to helping manufacturers succeed in all aspects of business. Contact us today to see how our HR team can provide services with a high return on investment.

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