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Manufacturing continues to change and evolve, which opens up a whole new world of possibilities for progressive manufacturing companies with an eye on future growth. However, keeping up with all the changes presents a challenge for manufacturing entities that must find ways to adapt while keeping costs under control. There is also the need to retrain a workforce that may not be receptive to new concepts or fear that emerging technologies will soon make their jobs obsolete.

Adhering to the following best manufacturing practices can ensure your company will continue to thrive in the 21st century:


Implementing Lean Manufacturing

The current trend in manufacturing is to find ways to become leaner and more efficient to help keep costs under control. Lean manufacturing is a systematic process that focuses on reducing waste without sacrificing productivity. Adhering to the best practices in lean manufacturing provides many valuable benefits, including improved quality performance, lower inventory costs, higher efficiency, faster product development, greater customer satisfaction, and, most of all, higher profits.

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Becoming More Environmentally Friendly

Manufacturers now must comply with a litany of environmental regulations. Failure to comply can result in significant financial penalties and in some cases legal problems. But becoming environmentally friendly offers several advantages for manufacturers. For example, recycling waste can lower your material costs, and demonstrating that your company is a good steward of the environment can help you attract customers that have an eco-friendly mindset.

Ways to become a more environmentally friendly manufacturer include relying more on renewable energy sources, reducing waste and making your plant more energy-efficient.


Implementing Automation

Incorporating robotics and automation into plant floor processes is regarded as a best practice for manufacturing operations for several reasons. Automation can result in faster project completion times and improved quality by minimizing the need for human intervention. Companies that are having difficulty finding skilled workers can also use automation and robotics to mitigate the impact of labor shortages.

In addition, automation can increase worker safety. You can transition members of your workforce to supervisory positions that oversee the automated technology and processes, which reduces the risk of injury and costly workers’ compensation claims.

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Implementing a Quality Management System

While adapting to change is essential for manufacturing companies in the 21st century, they must do so without sacrificing quality. Implementing and adhering to effective quality management systems continues to be a best practice for manufacturing operations. A QMS enables a manufacturer to achieve greater consistency in all aspects of the production process while reducing costly mistakes and improving customer satisfaction.

Attaining ISO 9001:2015 certification validates the thoroughness and efficacy of your company’s quality management systems.


Making Ongoing Training a High Priority

Training is vital for ensuring your staff remains current on the latest manufacturing technologies that impact your business — and that they know how to implement them effectively. A best manufacturing practice for companies that do not have the in-house resources or expertise to provide adequate training is to seek help from a qualified third-party provider.


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MANTEC is a York, PA-based consulting firm that is well-versed in the best business practices for manufacturing companies across South Central PA. We provide affordable access to training and other valuable tools, services and resources that will help your company gain a competitive edge in today’s challenging manufacturing environment. The MANTEC team consists of seasoned manufacturing professionals who know what it takes to operate efficiently and profitably in the 21st century.
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