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A big thank you for making this event such a success! The theme of “Welcome to the Rev-olution” led us through the day as we learned about the new hemp processing frontier from Steve Groff of Groff North America followed by an opportunity to experience hemp products, learn more about Harley-Davidson and network.  John Mocny, general manager of Harley-Davidson’s York plant then shared Harley-Davidson’s vision for the future and how the company is making that integral part our region plays in this global company’s success. The keynote was followed by a happy our featuring our custom cocktail “The Electric Ride” and more opportunities to network.

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The finalists are named for the MANTEC Excellence in Manufacturing Awards.  The awards are given to South Central Pennsylvania manufacturers that have demonstrated a commitment to improving the business through Smart Manufacturing in one of the following categories:





Process Excellence– In today’s competitive global marketplace, operational excellence is not an option; it is the only way to succeed. Manufacturing companies must make the ongoing quest for excellence a top priority if they hope to remain viable and continue to meet their productivity and profitability objectives.  Specific initiatives may include LEAN, Six Sigma and Quality certifications, such as ISO.

Winner- AquaPhoenix Scientific

Strategic Growth- Manufacturers of all types and sizes in Pennsylvania are facing an increasingly complex marketplace.  Crafting and implementing strategies that sustain growth into the future requires a company to grow their top line. Specific initiatives may include strategies for new customers and new markets, develop new products, and look at ways to successfully position a company and its products to grow sales and market share.

Winner-Pacer Pumps

Advanced Manufacturing Technology- Accelerating opportunities to leverage and adopt manufacturing technology are the key to long-term business growth and productivity required to grow and compete in the global marketplace.  Specific initiatives may include strategies and implementation for front office productivity, design services and prototyping, manufacturing planning and production, supply chain logistics and IT infrastructure.

Winner-Weaver Industries

Change Management- One of the most effective ways of improving your manufacturing organization’s performance is by making workforce development a top priority. Specific initiatives may include targeted strategies to increase worker proficiency, typically via training programs and activities,  increases employee engagement , improved organizational culture, and meeting stringent safety regulations.

Winner-Crescent Industries

Distinguished Qualified Solution Provider- This year we added an award to recognize a distinct group that works closely with MANTEC and our clients.  Our Qualified Solutions Providers, or QSPs, are specialists that are veterans in their field of service.  MANTEC has confidence in bringing these vetted services to manufacturers.

Winner-Hayman Studio

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