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smart manufacturing in pa

It seems that manufacturing technology is changing and evolving at the speed of light. The manufacturers who are the first to harness emerging technologies are usually the ones who remain ahead of their competitors and continue to thrive in these challenging economic times. And it’s not just Fortune 500 companies that are benefitting from all the technological breakthroughs, either. Small and medium-sized firms across a broad spectrum of industries are also taking advantage of the latest manufacturing innovations to grow their business and increase their market share.

Using Smart Manufacturing to Meet Production and Business Objectives

 “Smart” manufacturing is an example of how cutting-edge technology can benefit manufacturing operations of all sizes. Smart manufacturing encompasses four strategic areas that directly impact the modern production process:

  • Growth & Innovation – The effective use of supply chain and logistics platforms results in more efficient inventory control. This leads to enhanced order fulfillment capabilities and increased customer satisfaction. Smart technology also has changed the way companies design their products by providing access to computer-aided design services and facilitating advanced prototyping and testing procedures.
  • Operational Excellence & Quality – Manufacturing operations are constantly seeking ways to make the most of limited resources to meet their production schedules and minimize expenses. Today’s “leaner, meaner” manufacturers have integrated robotics and automation into their production processes and are experiencing increased output and improved quality while significantly reducing their production costs.
  • Technology – The faster that materials make it through the production cycle and become finished products, the sooner these products get into the hands of end-users and customers. Advanced “smart” technology can provide more intelligent production planning and more efficient production control systems that help to anticipate and remove bottlenecks and get goods out the door faster than ever.
  • Workforce Development – The latest, greatest technology is of little value if workers do not know how to use it effectively. A critical component of the smart technology framework is providing comprehensive training opportunities that increase employee understanding and give them the confidence to use technology to their advantage. With the right training, workers will come to view technology as an asset instead of an impediment or threat.

MANTEC: Your Source for Comprehensive Smart Manufacturing Training in PA

 MANTEC, a nonprofit based in York, PA, is committed to solving manufacturers’ most challenging operational issues. We offer exceptional smart manufacturing services to companies in the counties of Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Fulton, Lancaster, Lebanon, Perry and York. Our services include smart manufacturing courses designed to help small- and medium-sized manufacturers use technology to streamline systems and operations and coordinate all aspects of their production processes.

Why Choose MANTEC for Smart Manufacturing Training in PA?

When you enroll in a MANTEC smart manufacturing program, you receive training from experienced professionals who understand the unique challenges your company faces. Most of our staff has an extensive manufacturing background and we’re eager to pass on our knowledge to others. You also get access to state-of-the-art equipment and resources to ensure a meaningful real-world experience that will translate to your work environment.

Don’t have time to attend a training? One of our smart manufacturing experts is available to come to your facility to address the deficiencies you’re struggling within a custom, results-oriented way to guide you on a data-driven path to success!  MANTEC’s LEAN Development Managers have extensive expertise in manufacturing business services. Coupled with MANTEC’s proved processes for assessment, our team can bring expert on-site consultation and accountability. If you’d like to learn more about any of our training opportunities, feel free to give us a call at 717-843-5054 today or check out our upcoming training events!


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