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Does your team work on important improvements and opportunities?

Or is it always the urgent stuff?

Does strategic planning seem complicated and time consuming?

Is it tough to follow through and finish?

Maybe you need to take a different approach.

How is Strategic DOING different?

We focus on the best practices that work for you.

  • Fast focus
  • Begin with implementation as the goal
  • Short sessions
  • Simple, visual documentation
  • Team involvement leads to commitment
  • Sustain the effort over 12 months.

Get things done with Strategic DOING.  Less planning, more doing.  You can do this.

The Details:

  • Four, 2-hour “Big Picture to Bold Steps” meetings
  • Three monthly DO IT meetings
  • Three quarterly KEEP DOING IT meetings
  • Visual displays and full documentation

Contact your Professional Business Advisor directly or MANTEC at 717-843-5054.

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