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It’s difficult to imagine the business world today without the incorporation of social media. Social networking sites are an incredible way to boost your company’s image, level of knowledge and reliability from the content you provide to viewers. Your manufacturing business is missing out on digital consumers if you are not on the correct platforms for reaching your target audience.

Here is a look at some of social media platforms your company can utilize to work toward establishing an effective online presence.

LinkedIn for B2B Clients

LinkedIn has over 500 million users from across the globe. The professional networking site makes it easy to engage with new clients. Users and companies on LinkedIn visit the site/app with a business focus in mind which makes this resource ideal for B2B content sharing.

Not only do you have access to online clients, but you can focus your posts to target seniors, VPs, managers and more through the following filters:

  • Location
  • Industry
  • Job titles
  • Experience level
  • Interests
  • Educational background
  • And more

Simply search for people who could benefit from your service to connect with. Whether you create an account for your business, its decision-makers or post through a personal account, you can gain all the latest updates about your industry through LinkedIn.

Facebook Social Media for Manufacturing Companies

Facebook allows users to create pages for businesses. The social media channel can enable your manufacturing company to create ads to share for the sake of B2B marketing, and with over 1.5 billion users on Facebook daily, the social medium is the most popular channel in the world.

Managers can use this statistic to their advantage by crafting business pages using SEO keywords for higher traffic. Exposing your brand to an all-new audience can generate clients over time as you build a following on Facebook. Users following your page have the opportunity to like, comment and share your posts, which creates a web of publicity for your manufacturing company.

YouTube for Manufacturing Companies

YouTube creates an online community perfect for B2B marketing strategies. What better way to send a clear message about your mission than with a video?

YouTube is accessible to users without needing to create an account. This works in favor of manufacturing companies and other businesses as you can share how-to, tutorial, product and demonstration videos seamlessly. This social media platform is often underestimated, but video-sharing is great for industrial companies looking to establish a reputation.

You can stand out with well-developed video content that features your industrial equipment. Viewers are inclined to do business with you when they use your channel as a resource for understanding manufacturing processes.

Social Media Ideas for Manufacturing Companies

While LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube are beneficial social media channels for manufacturing businesses, other platforms exist that can cater to your audience as well. In general, you want to set up social media accounts and maintain a consistent voice across each outlet. Begin your social media campaign with the following questions for guidance:

  • How many social media outlets does your business have, and are they effective?
  • What kind of content do you produce, and how does it reflect your brand?
  • What are your social media numbers, and are you reaching your target audience?

Your manufacturing business provides a unique service for clients, but appealing to new customers online involves the creation of original content for sharing. Your social media pages generate leads and clients when you educate the audience.

1. Content Blogs

Blog posts are an effective way to inform your audience about industry-related topics. By integrating keywords specific to the manufacturing industry, viewers can find your content and can encounter your business site for more information.

Frequent blog posts help you gain online presence and are friendly with social media channels for sharing.

2. Product/Comparison Guides

Potential customers won’t search long for what they want. You can increase your chances of new client leads by spelling out reasons to engage with your service. Your manufacturing company can appeal to those on social media with online guides for the pros and cons of specific products.

Make sure to include contact information for further questions, but explaining methods, product materials, applications and more connects the dots for readers. They start to understand their options for your manufacturing company and are inclined to choose your business after seeing comparisons and step-by-step guides.

3. Product Videos

Potential customers trust a service when they can see products, demos, tutorials and more through video content. Product videos for a YouTube channel are a powerful selling tool for establishing credibility during the customer conversion process.

Videos increase clicks and shares across social media pages and require less effort from consumers. Product videos for your manufacturing company do not require a huge budget, either, as a smartphone camera can do the job.

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