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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, has laid out some very specific safety requirements for manufacturing. If you work in manufacturing, you must make sure that all your workers receive proper training in OSHA standards to stay in compliance.

OSHA has these standards for a good reason. Manufacturing involves the use of a great deal of heavy machinery, motorized equipment and moving parts, all of which put employees at considerable risk. There are millions of injuries in private workplaces every year, some extremely serious or even fatal. Among non-fatal injuries, manufacturing employees boast the highest average.

When it comes to manufacturing, OSHA has many safety issues to consider. Workers can slip, fall from catwalks, get hit by motorized vehicles, walk into objects, drop heavy objects on themselves, get caught in machinery and more. OSHA created these guidelines to make sure workers have the safest, healthiest conditions possible in manufacturing environments. It is incumbent upon manufacturing workplace managers to make sure their workers comply, both to avoid any legal or monetary penalties and for the safety of the people who work for you.

OSHA Compliance Training

To verify compliance, workers in manufacturing must undergo OSHA compliance training. This refers to a training program that covers all the changing OSHA standards related to manufacturing safety. It is a way to make sure your employees know and understand the rules so they can protect themselves and contribute to a safer work environment.

No manufacturer is exempt from OSHA safety guidelines. Whether you manufacture plastic parts, metal parts, chemicals, clothing, food, textiles or any of a range of other products, safety is paramount and you must conform to OSHA guidelines.

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Choose MANTEC for OSHA Compliance Training for Manufacturing Companies in PA

If you’re looking for OSHA compliance training in Pennsylvania, get in touch with MANTEC right away. MANTEC is the preferred choice for many companies throughout south central PA both large and small due to our constant efforts to stay abreast of the most recent changes and updates to OSHA standards.

Our training services often lead to OSHA certification, which shows everyone who looks at your organization that you are committed to maintaining the highest standards of workplace safety.

All our training professionals are highly experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to OSHA regulations and safety guidelines and how they affect workers and the work environment. You can be completely confident that when MANTEC OSHA compliance experts train your workers, they will have learned everything they need to know to comply.

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If having a safer work environment with employees who know OSHA standards inside and out is important to you, contact the experts in OSHA compliance in south central PA. We service manufacturers in York, Adams, Dauphin, Cumberland, Perry, Lancaster, Fulton, Franklin and Lebanon counties. To find out about how we can put our OSHA compliance expertise to work for you with quality compliance training, call us now at 717-843-5054 or contact us online today.

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