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Operations Manager

Typical Challenges

  • Are you able to meet customer demands?
  • Is your productivity suffering from recurring problems?
  • Does a new ERP system need to be selected and implemented?
  • Are you attracting and retaining the right employees?

Our Approach

For manufacturing companies, it is becoming more and more critical to produce products quickly, efficiently and with high quality.  MANTEC provides insights and guidance in operational excellence to meet your profitability goals, increase quality performance and give your employees the skills they need for success.

Tools to Success

Our training programs offer insights on how to improve customer satisfaction, employee retention, product and service quality, and marketplace competition. Our goal is to help you enhance your operating efficiency and overall performance.
LEAN Manufacturing– Our LEAN courses focus on how to improve productivity, quality, and waste reduction.

Six Sigma– Our skilled Six Sigma team will take your operating techniques to the next level and overall increase customer satisfaction.

Quality Certifications– This training will allow your company to meet the highest quality standards.

On-Site Consulting– Our knowledgeable consultants will come to you and provide personalized LEAN manufacturing training.


The Most Powerful but Least-Used Tool to Inspire Efficiency

How to Reduce Manufacturing Lead Time 

How to Create a Value Stream Map

A Success Story

Mercury Electronics engaged with MANTEC to improve business processes.  Read Real Results!