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In just released findings, a MANTEC study underscores the challenges regional manufacturers are experiencing six months into the COVID-19 crisis.  The findings reveal negative impacts on sales, supply chains, workforce and safety.  Companies have found it necessary to adjust operations and make organizational changes.

MANTEC has conducted 95 questionnaires and 40 in-depth interviews with South Central PA manufacturers to understand the impact of COVID-19 on this critical industry.  The 6-month preliminary report of the findings is available at

COVID-19 Impact Report on Manufacturers



The research indicates that some sectors were deemed essential and were able to navigate the pandemic.  Other sectors have not fared as well with steep declines in sales that affected the workforce.  The supply chain remains an issue as there are longer lead times to get raw material.  This is creating an opportunity for manufacturers to re-evaluate more diverse supply chains including domestic suppliers.

President & CEO, John Lloyd describes MANTEC’s role, “Since the onset of the pandemic in March, MANTEC has worked to ease the negative impact on regional manufacturing companies.  As the #1 driver of our economy it is critical that we preserve our manufacturing establishments and all the family sustaining jobs associated with them.”

MANTEC continues to provide CARES Act Recovery Assistance services that directly support the manufacturer’s ability to recover from the coronavirus. The services include:

  • Market Diversification plans
  • Operational Improvement plans
  • Supply chain risk assessments
  • Upskilling new and returning employees through online training
  • Cybersecurity vulnerability scans
  • Business continuity planning

Eligible recipients include manufacturers, producers, and value-add processors.  The opportunity to attain support will remain open until the funding supporting the services is no longer available. There is no formal application process– a facility’s inquiry into getting the services starts with a no-cost COVID-19 Impact Questionnaire by visiting

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