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For most people, when they hear the word “robot,” they immediately picture something in their mind. In many cases, it is a complex picture of expensive equipment surrounded by fencing/guards, safety devices, control panels and lots of wires.

Today, technology along with product exists where that “robot” can work alongside of a human being eliminating all that complexity and cost to assist a production associate to meet their operational objectives.

PennAir is honored to introduce the first, truly collaborative, dual arm robot that works alongside of you and me…YuMi. Introduced globally in 2015 at the Hanover Fair – Trade Show, YuMi is now in Central PA. PennAir has a functional YuMi in its new state-of-the art, 116,000 square foot facility located in East York (580 Davies Drive). In addition another YuMi will reside in MANTEC’s LEAN Showcase training area by the end of March.

“Based on our long history of working with the MANTEC team, we are excited to house YuMi at MANTEC” states Bob Rhein, President of PennAir. “MANTEC works with manufacturers to help in a variety of ways. The mission statements of the two organizations aligns which is “we are in the business of helping people.” “Today, there is an endless list of opportunities to apply this dual arm, collaborative robot. Just seeing YuMi move will help paint a picture for people who are looking at continuous improvement within their manufacturing and assembly operations.”

“We have invested in our facility and our team of associates to support manufacturing in the mid-Atlantic region. As a MANTEC Qualified Solutions Provider, we look forward to working with manufacturers who are serious about the future of their business. PennAir feels strongly that YuMi and MANTEC will play an active role in helping manufacturers in the years ahead.”

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