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Technology is touching every aspect of our lives and it seems to be changing everything we do. It is impacting the way we think, communicate and the way we are entertained.  It controls how we perform everyday tasks like driving, shopping, banking and exercise.  It is inevitable that technology is also changing the way we manufacture.

New technologies are already implemented in the large corporations and they are now quickly becoming a requirement at small and medium sized firms. The era of “smart manufacturing” is here.

MANTEC is focused on future trends and we see advanced technology as a game changer. Smart manufacturing integrates core disciplines into one coordinated system.  We have invested in a new “Smart Manufacturing Laboratory” to demonstrate robotics and operational excellence.   MANTEC views smart manufacturing through four principle areas:

Growth & Innovation- Supply chain and logistics platforms provide higher levels of inventory control and customer order fulfillment. Design services, prototyping and testing have revolutionized the way we develop new products.

Operational Excellence & Quality- New advances in automation and robotics have increased plant efficiency and worker productivity.

Technology- Advanced manufacturing planning and production control systems enhance the flow of product through our plants.

Workforce Development- The workforce of the future requires ongoing training on advancing technologies.

MANTEC and our counterpart organizations across Pennsylvania just completed an Advanced Manufacturing Technology (AMT) survey of 78 firms, and we learned that 83% of manufacturers have already invested in some aspect of AMT. This is encouraging. The next challenge will be to combine the individual components of AMT into a fully functioning Smart Manufacturing system.

MANTEC has provided smart manufacturing services to dozens of small and medium sized manufacturers to streamline systems and operations and tie together every aspect of the manufacturing enterprise. MANTEC stands ready to be your resource as we enter this exciting new era in manufacturing.

Call MANTEC first to explore your next move in the fast-paced technology game.

Written by: John W. Lloyd, President and CEO


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