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SEO for Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry plays a vital role in the economy, supplying both businesses and consumers with the products and equipment they need on a daily basis. Though demand for manufacturing runs high, so does competition. In a crowded manufacturing landscape, competing for customers also means competing for attention.

Today, most of your company’s potential customers will search for services online first, which means search engine results influence your likelihood of earning their business — if your company’s website doesn’t appear on the first page of results, you may not get another chance to convert them.

Though Google and other search engines use various and sometimes mysterious strategies to order search results, improving your company’s ranking is possible. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, refers to a set of strategies you can use to methodically boost your website’s ranking for relevant keywords and phrases.

Benefits of SEO for Manufacturing Companies

Though search engine optimization may not be strictly necessary to keep your manufacturing business in operation, it can promote business longevity and deliver a high return on investment when compared to traditional advertising. Using SEO for manufacturing allows you to:

  • Generate more leads: When potential customers can find your website easily through an online search, you won’t have to rely on word of mouth or prior knowledge to generate hype. People interested in your services can find your business organically. This results in more leads and a steadier stream of customers.
  • Rank above competitors: A strong SEO strategy can help your company surpass the competition by drawing in more potential customers. Emulating a successful competitor’s SEO strengths while adding your own can lead to better search rankings and higher revenue.
  • Establish your expertise: SEO can make potential customers more likely to see your business as well-established. Furthermore, some common SEO strategies, such as maintaining a blog, further establish your industry expertise.

How Industrial Manufacturing Companies Can Use SEO

Developing an SEO strategy for your manufacturing company is worth considering, especially if your business is still comparatively small. Thankfully, you don’t need to be a marketing professional to improve your company’s search engine optimization. Here are a few strategies you can use to get started:

  • Write original content: Your company’s website needs to contain useful and original information to rank highly in search results. Though it may seem easy to copy information from other sources, this duplicate content will suffer penalties in results. Write unique content instead.
  • Use industry keywords: When looking for a manufacturer, your potential customers will likely use specific search keywords that refer to the type of product they need made. Use keywords on your website to boost results with these phrases.
  • Make your site user-friendly: Fast and user-friendly pages rank higher in search results. Ensure your website is optimized for user experience on mobile as well as desktop devices.

Work With MANTEC to Develop Your SEO Strategy

An SEO strategy can help your manufacturing company attract business and grow its customer base. If you’re looking for help with search engine optimization, consider working with MANTEC. As a non-profit consulting firm, we provide South Central Pennsylvania manufacturing companies with services they need to thrive, including affordable sales and marketing services. Contact us today to see how we could benefit your business.

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