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OSHA Compliance Training For PA Manufacturers

OSHA - CH Reed

Many manufacturing environments pose certain hazards that put worker health and safety at risk. Injuries due to overexertion, slipping and tripping, falling from heights, walking into objects such as tables, chairs and glass doors, and the unsafe use of equipment and machinery occur all too frequently in many workplaces. If your organization isn’t making safety a top priority, you’re putting the health and well-being of your workforce at risk – and you could be in violation of health and safety regulations.

OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, seeks to assure safe and healthful working conditions for working men and women by setting and enforcing standards. OSHA develops and implements industry-specific guidelines that manufacturing organizations must follow to avoid potentially severe legal and financial penalties.

MANTEC Offers Comprehensive, up-to-Date OSHA Compliance Training to PA Companies

Maintaining OSHA compliance can be a daunting challenge for many manufacturing organizations – the regulations are somewhat complex and undergo frequent changes and updates. MANTEC can help ensure your manufacturing company is OSHA compliant based on the standards through assessments and implementation assistance.We provide extensive OSHA compliance training to manufacturing companies of all types and sizes throughout southcentral Pennsylvania. Our OSHA compliance training is conducted by experienced professionals who have a solid understanding of OSHA regulations and how they impact your work environment.

What Are the Benefits of OSHA Compliance Training?

One of the most important benefits of our OSHA compliance training services is that they can lead to OSHA certification. Getting certified verifies that your organization meets the highest standards for safety in the workplace. It also ensures your workers are current on the latest safety practices that impact their jobs on a daily basis. What’s more, OSHA compliance training can reduce the number of workplace accidents and injuries that can result in extensive time off the job and limit your organization’s productivity.


Contact MANTEC to Learn More About Our PA OSHA Compliance Training Services

Learn more about how OSHA training can contribute to a healthier, safer work environment and keep your organization in compliance. For more information about our OSHA Compliance Services, Call MANTEC First at 717-843-5054 or contact Leigh Ann Wilson at

MANTEC provides OSHA compliance training for manufacturers located in the following Pennsylvania counties; York, Lancaster, Lebanon, Dauphin, Perry, Cumberland, Adams, Franklin, and Fulton.