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If you are seeking on-site training for your manufacturing industry operation in the South Central PA area, look no further than MANTEC. We offer a range of training options to help optimize the effectiveness of your team in your manufacturing efforts. MANTEC’s onsite training is relevant to your business, tailored to your needs and provides velocity for your success. Contact Us Today!

Onsite LEAN, Six Sigma and Safety Events

We have qualified experts ready to impart the knowledge you need in some of the most valuable training modalities, including:

  • LEAN Continuous Improvement: Learn how to eliminate waste and optimize resources. This can include 1/2 day, full day or multi-day training on the various tools that are identified to drive continuous improvement.
  • Six Sigma: Integrate valuable tools for defect reduction and process improvement into your workforce. Training includes Yellow-Belt, Green-Belt, Black-Belt, Minitab and statistical analysis.
  • Toyota Kata: Help your employees change their mindset to make them more effective at problem-solving. This is 10 hours of training delivered in a format that works for your organization.
  • Office Process Improvement:  LEAN also applies to Engineering, Accounting, and Administration for significant reductions in manufacturing lead time, costs and defects.  (and frustration!)
  • OSHA Safety Training:  Every organization wants employees to be safe.  Training includes OSHA 10 or 30 hour or customized training for your industry.

MANTEC training is WedNet eligible and is routinely approved with our many years of experience and success!  $1,300 available per employee annually.

Benefits of Onsite Training

Many organizations offer training, so why opt for onsite training? There are several reasons why opting for one of our onsite training programs can be to the benefit of your company.

  • Saving money: You may feel that there is no substitute for interacting with a live trainer in a real physical environment. You can make sure your employees are engaged with the training and they have the opportunity to ask any questions and get clarification as the training goes along. But going to an off-site training facility can be quite expensive. There’s no reason to incur the travel and lodging costs for multiple employees to attend a training when they can receive the same or better training at the workplace they come to every day.
  • Saving time: Traveling to an off-site training can also be an extremely time-consuming operation. By bringing the training to them, you avoid the time and fatigue costs of travel, as well as the expense.
  • Custom training options: If you are attending an off-site training, you may be at the mercy of the training company’s curriculum. Some elements may be very important for your team to learn, and some may not be useful at all. When you opt for our on-site training, we send the trainer you need to teach the skills you want your people to learn.
  • Sustainable results:  When a team of employees is trained using the company data and configurations, there is a greater likelihood of results instead of a single person going off-site and bringing the training back to the team.


At MANTEC, we have unparalleled training programs. We are well-known for the quality of our expertise and service. We have years of manufacturing experience owing to the fact that most of our staff has a manufacturing background. We are highly professional and have a great understanding of what manufacturing companies need to succeed. On top of all this, we think you will find our training services to be far more cost-effective than others out there, so you really can’t lose.

“MANTEC’s onsite LEAN training creates leaders. I was introduced to the process improvement tools of Kata, Value Stream Mapping and 6S. The hands on training exercises and detailed classroom teaching established a path to make organizational changes. My engineering career moved to a new level and I will continue to reap the benefits from this new knowledge.”
~Brian Jacyszyn, Quality Engineer at Fenner Precision Polymers

MANTEC’s internal trainers include Andy Oskam and David Hanan. Both bring unique experiences and insights to your organization from their own working history in manufacturing and from helping countless other manufacturing clients.  MANTEC also has additional experts in our network to assist your organization for your desired onsite training.

Contact MANTEC for More Training Information

If your manufacturing team needs effective, affordable training to maximize their potential, there’s no reason to wait. Get in touch with us right away for training in PA counties such as Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Fulton, Lancaster, Lebanon, Perry and York. Contact us now!

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