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Attaining certification is an important and, in many cases, a required step in many professions. The certification process helps to develop skills and knowledge that are essential for optimizing job performance. Certification also validates the individual’s expertise and demonstrates his or her commitment to achieving excellence in a chosen field. Many organizations place a high value on certification during the hiring process or when evaluating employees for advancement opportunities.

If yours is one of the many PA organizations that has made LEAN manufacturing the cornerstone of your operating philosophy, MANTEC offers LEAN certification programs in York, PA that will serve as the roadmap for the professional development of your employees. You’ll also have the peace of mind of knowing that your team has the knowledge and expertise they need to effectively implement LEAN manufacturing concepts to your various work processes.

MANTEC training is WedNet Eligible!  $2,000 available per employee annually.  

Our Lean Manufacturing Certification Training in PA

We feature a wide variety of LEAN certification programs to PA companies for individuals at all levels. The programs were developed through NIST, a division of the U.S. Department of Commerce.  Since 2005, MANTEC has certified hundreds of program graduates. Our Level 1 LEAN certification programs provide a solid foundation in the LEAN fundamentals and how they are applied to the manufacturing process. Our advanced Level 2 certification training consists of five higher-level courses designed to develop internal LEAN “champions.” Take a closer look at our complete selection of LEAN certification training courses below.

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What Are the Benefits of Attaining LEAN Certification?

In addition to ensuring your employees have a sound understanding of LEAN as it relates to improving manufacturing processes, LEAN certification offers a variety of additional benefits for your business. You’ll develop the ability to achieve the high level of sustained process improvement required to serve your customers and remain competitive in the global marketplace.

Many organizations discover that LEAN certification contributes to the reduction in repeatable process errors that can have a negative impact on quality. LEAN certification can also help your team develop the leadership abilities that are essential to the effective execution of the LEAN methodology throughout your organization.

LEAN Manufacturing Certification in PA

MANTEC’s LEAN Certification Program develops the ability to see waste in a process and gives your employees the LEAN knowledge and tools necessary to succeed. Benefits of the LEAN Certification include:

• Structured approach

• Seven workshops and simulations

• On-site implementation projects

• Return on your investment through Train and Do sessions and implementation projects

• LEAN Showcase simulations


• Two company coaching/strategy sessions – one before and one after the program

• Required project that will be reviewed with the class

Lean Certification Objectives:

• Learn to be a Change Agent to lead continuous process improvement

• Help the Enterprise with its ability to create and make changes

• Become more aware of waste and how to eliminate it

• Receive the most advanced training possible with hands-on experience

• Increase employee opportunities to improve in all areas of the Enterprise

• Realize profits and growth from the implementation results

• Realize ongoing success with both internal and external support

• Develop a market leader perspective

• Satisfy customers

LEAN Certification Courses in PA:

LEAN Certification is only offered two times a year: September and March. Register now.

Advanced LEAN Manufacturing Courses in PA:

MANTEC’s Advanced Lean Courses include courses that develop the ability to lead a team, technical training in higher-level topics,  and gives your employees the LEAN knowledge and skills necessary to succeed.  The classes are available individually or can be combined for a company value rate. Contact Leigh Ann Wilson at for details.

Why Choose MANTEC for LEAN Manufacturing Certification Training in PA?

 MANTEC is a non-profit manufacturing consulting firm with extensive knowledge of the LEAN methodology. Our team consists of capable manufacturing professionals who bring an abundance of practical, real-world experience to the training process.

Contact Us to Learn More About Our LEAN Manufacturing Certification Programs

Let us help you in your quest to maximize the benefits of the LEAN manufacturing process in your organization. For more information about our LEAN Manufacturing Certification programs, call MANTEC at 717-843-5054 or contact us today!

MANTEC provides lean manufacturing certification programs & services to manufacturers located in the following Pennsylvania counties: York, Lancaster, Lebanon, Dauphin, Perry, Cumberland, Adams, Franklin, and Fulton. 

MANTEC Lean Certification

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