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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is the term used to describe the concept of integrating and managing various core business processes. Effective ERP implementation offers a host of benefits to organizations. For instance, it provides real-time access to the data required to make faster, more informed business decisions. This will generate numerous positive results for the organization, such as improved customer and supplier relations, reduced operating and labor costs and improved lead-time and inventory levels.

Software and technology serve as the driving force behind any effective, efficient ERP system implementation. Choosing the right ERP software solution will make it easier to standardize business operations and integrate systems across multiple locations. ERP software will also help to reduce working capital and better position the organization for future growth. And employees will experience a noticeable difference in their ability to perform their jobs at a higher, more productive level.

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Importance of ERP Selection and Implementation

ERP selection and facilitation is a mission-critical process that organizations must undertake to ensure they acquire and implement the software/technology that will achieve a successful business process integration. Unfortunately, too many manufacturing entities fall short during the software selection process because they lack the expertise and objectivity that’s needed to make an informed decision.

A sound ERP selection process requires taking a multi-step approach that involves choosing a selection team, gathering the organization’s ERP requirements, ROI forecasting, determining system specifications and choosing the right vendor. Manufacturing operations typically do not have the time and resources available to devote to the process. They also face a litany of potential software facilitation hurdles that can delay ERP implementation by several months.

During that time, these manufacturing operations are losing valuable insight into their business processes. ERP software offers a comprehensive status report comprising every area of a manufacturing business, including inventory, production, sales and human resources. This data is collected in real time and collated for easy viewing, facilitating rapid, well-informed decisionmaking while enhancing operational efficiency.

An ERP system also records this data over time, highlighting trends and allowing business owners to capitalize on new opportunities or develop course corrections to improve business performance. A delay in ERP implementation represents the loss of this valuable data, making it that much more difficult to obtain a detailed picture of business health. Given the nature of ERP software, businesses seeking to gain from this technology stand to benefit the most from selecting and integrating a program quickly.

The selection process, however, does come with its own set of challenges. ERP technologies may have a common goal, but they are not all created equal. While some vendors offer turnkey software solutions, others will design programs uniquely suited to a given business. Manufactures dealing in specialized products may find they need a more specialized program. Additional considerations include multi-site program support and scalability to allow for future growth. With the massive number of factors at hand, ERP selection alone can feel overwhelming.

The Benefits of Enlisting the Services of Qualified ERP Consultants

Because of the intricacies involved in choosing and implementing an ERP program, teaming with an independent ERP expert is a critical step that manufacturing entities will want to consider. Capable ERP consultants employ a proven methodology that will reduce the time, effort, resources and costs associated with ERP selection and implementation. The best consultants will then take the time to evaluate the organization’s business processes to ensure a seamless software implementation. They will also assume the burden of choosing the right software vendor.

MANTEC ERP consultants provide crucial guidance throughout the process of ERP selection and implementation. Collaborating with an expert before choosing an ERP system ensures you know precisely what you are getting and what it can do for you. Furthermore, the increased ease of integrating the program into your existing business processes will allow you to begin benefitting from it almost immediately.

What to Expect From ERP Consulting

These are just a few of the things you can expect with ERP consulting:

  • Industry Knowledge: The enormous capabilities of ERP software can result in enormous complexity, making it difficult to understand the impact of various offerings. ERP consultants make it their business to understand these intricacies, so enlisting one of these experts can save you valuable time determining which features you need for your organization.
  • Objectivity: Vendors are quick to tout the advantages of their software, but you know their ultimate goal is a sale. A third-party ERP consultant is loyal only to you, meaning you will get the best software for your business rather than for someone else’s bottom line. A good ERP consultant will work with you to understand your needs before doing anything else, ensuring you receive a product that offers adequate capability without the expense of unneeded features.
  • Implementation Assistance: An automated system displaying large amounts of data requires substantial setup before becoming fully operational. By consulting an ERP expert, you retain the services of a knowledgable professional and remove the burden of this challenge from your IT team. This ensures a seamless integration that preserves your human resources and keeps your business moving while your new ERP system comes online.

ERP consultants spend every day cultivating an understanding of the functions and features of these immense software solutions. For a small initial investment, they will be able to guide you through the selection and implementation of the best program for your business and get you back to work with a whole new level of efficiency.

MANTEC Offers Premium ERP Consulting Services in PA

If you own or operate a manufacturing company in South Central PA, MANTEC can provide reliable, cost-effective ERP software advice that’s tailored to your organization. We’re a non-profit consulting firm whose mission is to drive strength in manufacturing through continuous innovation and growth.

We specialize in helping manufacturing organizations like yours navigate every aspect of ERP software selection and facilitation to ensure a successful implementation. Our innovative, three-phase approach will fully prepare you to understand your software needs, manage the inevitable changes that accompany ERP implementation and prevent the “scope creep” that often results from poor software project planning. We’ll also adhere to our comprehensive vendor evaluation criteria to make sure you get maximum value from your software purchase.

To learn move about our ERP consulting services, contact MANTEC today!

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