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What will I do differently in 2016?

Welcome to 2016!  The new year is usually the time to set resolutions for the year.  Here is a top 10 list of resolutions and how you can apply them to your business:

1- Lose Weight–  Consider inventory as your business waist line.  Is it bulging in the middle?  Implementing a LEAN strategy will reduce lead time, cost and inventory and improve quality, productivity and floor space utilization.

2- Getting Organized– How are your business processes?  When did you last review your manual or employee handbook?  Complete your documentation now for OSHA, ISO and other mandated reporting.

3-  Spend Less, Save More– Of course we want more money in the bank.  Staying ahead of the competition is a requirement.  Innovation Engineering is a system to increase speed by 6x and decrease rick by 30 to 80%.

4-  Enjoy Life to the Fullest–  Are you satisfied with the workplace culture?  If not, determine the areas of improvement though a cultural assessment.

5-  Staying Fit and Healthy–  Is your technology at risk of viruses or hackers?  A technology strategy is critical to an organization’s success to operate effectively and stay up to date on technology and trends.

6-  Learn Something Exciting– Many organizations offer a variety of training events.  MANTEC’s upcoming training includes LEAN programs and the Business Growth Conference.  The conference will include robots (see #5)!

7-  Quit Smoking– Ok, stretching a bit- what is your environmental impact?  Systems exist to reduce your electricity and gas consumption, not to mention LEAN can reduce your waste.

8-  Help Others in Their Dreams–  Dreams can range from pay increase, more responsibility, retirement or simply going home safely.  Understand your employees motivation to achieve the highest performance.

9-  Fall in Love–  Are you in love with your customers?  Do you need more love?  Discuss ways to grow sales including a new website or lead generation.

10-  Spend More Time with Family–  If the business is running well you can take those long vacations and be home for dinner!

That is a lot to tackle in one year.  Call MANTEC to help you achieve your resolutions of 2016.  717-843-5054.

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