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US Commerce Secretary Comments on MEP and Bollman Hat

Remarks from U.S. Commerce Secretary Pritzker at the Global Supply Chain Summit 2015 reference MEP and MANTEC client, Bollman Hat.

“Already, at the Department of Commerce, we support innovation through programs like the Manufacturing Extension Partnership. This initiative deploys experts nationwide to assist manufacturers in improving their processes, adopting new technologies, and taking new products to market. The Manufacturing Extension Partnership in Pennsylvania supports companies like Bollman Hat of Adamstown – America’s oldest hat maker. In recent years, Bollman experienced difficulty maintaining growth and profitability, partially due to the rising costs of sourcing some of its hats and fabrics from abroad. The local Manufacturing Extension Partnership worked with Bollman to find available domestic suppliers  to reduce its dependence on imports and improve the flexibility and speed of its supply chain. As a result of these changes, the company cut costs and regained its competitive edge.”

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