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Toyota Kata Training

Are you interested in developing your employees’ abilities to the fullest potential? Do you want to improve employee motivation and the problem-solving practices within your company? The Toyota Kata culture workshop allows you to systematically approach problem solving with your employees to continuously build your team members’ development skills.

What Is Toyota Kata?

Toyota Kata refers to the culture of continuous improvement as observed to be successful at Toyota.

A kata is a well-structured routine that uses muscle memory to establish skills and mindsets for continual learning throughout a business. As with riding a bike or driving a car, the kata becomes second nature and is performed with little conscious awareness through practice and reinforcement. But rather than merely memorizing a routine, the Toyota Kata implements habits of thought and action that can then be passed on to others. Team members, including business managers, practice a kata that channels their creative abilities and teaches members the skills behind an innovative solution.

Toyota’s lauded improvement process features two types of kata: improvement kata and coaching kata.

Driving LEAN through Toyota Kata


Change arrives fast these days. Competitors emerge overnight, new technologies alter the business, and labor market conditions are uncertain.  How do you ensure continued success in such complex, dynamic, and unpredictable conditions?

The default way people think about problems often involves jumping to conclusions and immediately seeking to solve problems, because the brain does not like uncertainty. The unconscious part of our brain takes bits of surface information, quickly extrapolates to fill in blanks, and gives us a false sense of confidence in our conclusion. And then we start making costly mistakes.

Toyota Kata helps develop creative, scientific-thinking skills. Employees can use these skills to keep improving, adapting, and generating competitive advantage in a strategically-aligned way.

Toyota Kata is not a tool or a solution, but instead a routine performed every day to improve results through people.  This isn’t something you implement; Kata are practiced routinely to develop skill and drive proficiency.  Given that they’re practiced, this implies that there is no end.  If you’re ready to build capability in people with scientific thinking, this course is for you.
This 2-day course will teach you how to take human talent and make them willing and capable of solving problems every day.

  1. Understand the direction or challenge
  2. Be clear on current condition
  3. Establish the next target condition
  4. Experiment toward target condition

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The instructor is Andy Oskam, MANTEC's LEAN Development Manager.  Andy is #22 trained in the World to conduct this course through TWI’s exceptional method.

Price: $995.00

Start Time: 8:00 am
End Time: 4:30 pm

Start Date: January 8, 2019
End Date: January 9, 2019

600 North Hartley Street
Suite 100
York, PA
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What Is Improvement Kata vs. Coaching Kata?

The improvement kata is the heart of Toyota Kata. As the fundamental problem-solving pattern for improving and adapting business practices, improvement kata is based on a four-step process:

  1. Understand the desired direction or vision.
  2. Perceive the actual current condition.
  3. Define the next target condition and what you expect to achieve through your desired path.
  4. Move toward that target condition through small experiments, uncovering obstacles along the way that your team can work on.

This cycle is repeated until a target condition has been reached, targeting one at a time and building on discoveries that team members make along the way.

Once the improvement kata is understood, the equally important coaching kata is used to support learners in the fourth stage of the improvement kata through helping learners focus on the right direction and improve their learning. The coaching kata allows you to teach employees at every level using the following questions:

  1. What is the target condition?
  2. What is our actual condition right now?
  3. What obstacles are preventing the desired condition from occuring? Which one are you working on?
  4. What is your next step? What do you expect to happen?
  5. When can we see what we’ve learned from taking that step?

What Can I Expect to Learn in a Toyota Way Course?

Toyota Kata training benefits your organization through:

  • Providing a scientific, structured routine that can be applied to achieve any organizational goal
  • Allowing team members to navigate obstacles and uncertainties together to incorporate solutions
  • Supporting managers in a mentor role to their employees
  • Visualizing experiments in a way that enables team members to learn from small steps every day

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If your manufacturing business is located in southcentral PA, MANTEC can provide a comprehensive on-site Toyota Kata culture workshop that will allow your company to expand through unique problem-solving strategies for continuous organizational improvement.

Allow MANTEC to help you experience the benefits of a trusted improvement and coaching approach. Contact us today to request a course or get more information.