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The LEAN Showcase Learning Experience

Learning the LEAN Manufacturing concepts and application methods is the start of a life-long journey. Companies embracing LEAN Manufacturing can expect quick, dramatic reductions in waste and improvements in productivity. LEAN Manufacturing is applicable to companies ranging from the small job shop to large manufacturing enterprises. It teaches a systematic approach to eliminating wastes and creating flow throughout the enterprise at the pull of the customer in pursuit of perfection.

In the past 10 years, MANTEC’s signature program, LEAN Certification, trained nearly 400 employees on the LEAN principles and tools. The program uses the “Train and Do” model for adult learning.   Participants apply knowledge in manufacturing facilities.

MANTEC proudly presents the next step in our innovative Continuous Improvement Program- the LEAN Showcase! This real world controlled manufacturing facility is state of the art and is located in MANTEC’s corporate office in York, PA. The LEAN Showcase is an integral piece to the LEAN Certification courses- not only hearing the principles but actually applying them. This training center will demonstrate over 30 best practices in LEAN Manufacturing including:

Pull System– material flows through the process by replacing only what was used and actual customer demand as opposed to forecasts. Implementing Pull Systems can help you control inventory, eliminate waste in handling parts and improve quality and on-time delivery.

Workstation design– repetitive motions are taxing on employees. This workstation includes excellent ergonomics, 5S principles, visual management systems, a changeover clock at the machine, dimmable LED light fixtures, electric torque-controlled tools, and cost-effective fixtures.

Real time performance measures– highlight how the factory is running. Operators are empowered to document the outcomes of the process on the shop-floor using pre-determined performance measures.

It may be difficult to understand how productive your facility could be when you proceed on the LEAN journey. Come visit the LEAN Showcase, use this world class training facility and understand the potential that is in your organization. Watch the LEAN Showcase video at

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