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Six Sigma

South Central PA’s Leading Six Sigma Certification Program

Do your manufacturing processes create far too many product defects? Have you experimented with a wide variety of process improvement techniques, only to be dissatisfied with the results? Six Sigma is an effective quality program that will not only minimize your number of product defects, but also reduce your labor costs, improve your customer’s experience and contribute to the development of strong leaders within your organization. MANTEC offers Six Sigma certification programs to manufacturing companies in Lancaster and throughout South Central PA that will prove invaluable in your organization’s quest to achieve operational excellence.

What is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma involves the implementation of a measurement-based strategy with a focus on process improvement and variation reduction. The Six Sigma philosophy recognizes there is a close relationship between the number of product defects, wasted operating costs, and the level of customer satisfaction. Six Sigma is a process that uses statistical tools and techniques to reduce defects to virtually zero as a means of achieving total customer satisfaction. Quality is taken to a higher level not in parts per hundred, but in parts per million or billion. Six Sigma is a disciplined problem-solving process that requires the collection and analysis of data in a structured method before solution exploration. The five basic steps are:

  • Define: Learn how to define a project well in terms of scope, expectations, resources, and timeline.
  • Measure: Quantify the “problem” using actual data.
  • Analyze: Apply statistical tools to validate root cause of problems.
  • Improve: Understand various methods of solution: identification, prioritization, and implementation.
  • Control: Develop process control systems, so that once a project is over the process does not revert back to the “old” way of doing things.

How PA Manufacturers Benefit From Six Sigma

Quite often, organizations experience:

• Problems that they just can’t solve

• Solving the same problem over and over again

• Significant or repetitive complaints from customers (external/internal)

• Areas of performance that are generally below the desired standard

• Significant time discussing problems without using data, a formal structure, and without resolution

Upcoming Six Sigma Certification Programs In PA

Six Sigma Yellow Belt Course

Price: $995.00

Date: April 2, 2020

Available Spaces: Unlimited

Six Sigma Minitab and Statistics Course

Price: $700.00

Date: April 23, 2020

Available Spaces: Unlimited

Six Sigma Green Belt Course

Price: $2300.00

Date: May 7, 2020

Available Spaces: Unlimited

On-site belt courses are available for 4 or more attendees. Call for pricing and details.

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The Importance of Six Sigma Certification

Effective Six Sigma implementation requires the acquisition and mastery of a specialized expertise and skillset. Six Sigma certification programs provide the training your team needs to develop their proficiency and learn how to effectively apply the Six Sigma methodology to your manufacturing processes. MANTEC offers targeted, cost-effective Six Sigma training programs that can help your staff attain certification.

These are all symptoms of not using a standard, formal problem-solving process to uncover and repair the root cause of a problem. Not solving these problems often cost the organization significant amounts of time, energy, and money. Training members of these organizations in the common techniques used in problem-solving can reverse those losses and start to change the organization’s culture.

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MANTEC Offers Four Levels of Root Cause Problem Solving:

Six Sigma consists of a series of levels. A belt system similar to what is used in the martial arts indicates that an individual has attained certification at a specific level:

•  Six Sigma Yellow Belt – an introduction to process management and the basic tools of Six Sigma

•  Six Sigma Green Belt – a comprehensive overview of Six Sigma concepts, history, roles, implementation, and Green Belt statistical tools

•  Six Sigma Black Belt – a series of steps that are specially designed to lead the organization through the gauntlet of process improvement

•  A3 Problem Solving – a system to rapidly address manufacturing problems, effectively communicate solutions, and monitor results


What Are the Advantages of Six Sigma Certification for Your Organization?

 In addition to reducing the number of product defects, Six Sigma certification programs offers several other benefits for an organization. Working towards Six Sigma certification has a bonding effect among your team members by enabling them to rally around a common cause — improving quality. This can enhance your employee retention efforts and boost worker morale. Customer loyalty and satisfaction will also increase significantly. All of this will have a positive impact on what matters the most: your bottom line.

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MANTEC provides Six Sigma certification programs and services to manufacturers located in the following Pennsylvania counties; York, Lancaster, Lebanon, Dauphin, Perry, Cumberland, Adams, Franklin, and Fulton.