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Sales & Marketing Solutions For PA Manufacturers

marketing for manufacturers

Manufacturing the most innovative, high-quality products means little if potential customers are unaware of their existence, as well as the many valuable features and benefits they provide. If your company does not have a clearly defined, well-executed sales and marketing strategy, you’re undoubtedly losing a significant share of the market to your competitors.

The key way to grow customers for, and awareness of, your business is your sales & marketing Process. MANTEC can help you assess and enhance your processes. We offer a variety of expert sales and marketing consulting services that will enable you to reach more customers, generate more revenue and take your business to a higher level. Our services for sales and marketing for manufacturers are available to companies throughout southcentral Pennsylvania.


Without the proper sales training and structure, many companies actually inhibit, rather than enable, its salesforce’s ability to drive revenues for the company. Sales strategies, sales effectiveness and clear, defined goals are more important than ever in light of today’s business challenges.

MANTEC’s Sales Consultant Development Services helps clients assess sales opportunities, develop effective sales strategies, formulate sales plans with specific objectives, identify and evaluate sales channel partners, and train sales associates. These activities lead to sales systems that improve performance and lead to increased revenue at higher margins.

Benefits include:

    • Targeted sales strategies based on the challenges faced by each client
    • Identification of opportunities that offer the highest margins and sales potential, enabling clients to focus on the most valuable products and customers
    • Development of explicit sales goals and objectives
    • Effective sales force deployment to the right customers
    • Sales associate training in selling, negotiating and managing customer relationships
    • Effective management and support of sales channel partners for better cooperation, establishing common goals and entering into win-win situations
    • Well-executed sales action plans that specify responsibilities, timelines, and performance measures


Many companies are facing competition from low-wage, foreign manufacturers,  In addition, there are shifts in the marketplace that are necessitating the need for new customer and new market development.

MANTEC’s Market Development Services offer market analysis that’s designed to assist in the formulation of educated marketing decisions that lead to new markets, products, and customers. We help clients identify, target, pursue, and win additional business from these new markets and existing customers. Our New Market Development Services offer your organization a detailed plan that defines the relative attractiveness of specific market segments and what can give you a competitive advantage that leads to sales growth.

Benefits include:

    • Targeted sales opportunities identified by market segment, product line, or geography
    • Identification of opportunities that offer the highest margins and sales potential to enable our clients to focus on the most valuable products and customers
    • Primary and secondary research that incorporates real market data and the “voice of the customer”
    • Competitive intelligence that describes how customers and prospects view your company and their perceptions your key competitors
    • Gain a customer and prospect management system for sales development and market data metrics


Why Choose Sales and Marketing Services From MANTEC?

MANTEC is a York, Pennsylvania-based nonprofit firm that provides superior consulting to manufacturing companies of all types and sizes. We have a finger on the pulse of the southcentral Pennsylvania manufacturing community, enabling us to provide the effective, focused services that will deliver results for your organization. Our team includes sales and marketing subject matter experts who bring an abundance of practical, real-world experience to the consulting process.

Contact Us to Learn More About Our PA Sales and Marketing Consulting Services

Don’t let a lack of sales and marketing acumen prevent your company from achieving its revenue objectives. For more information about our Sales & Marketing Services, Call MANTEC First at 717-843-5054 or contact Leigh Ann Wilson at

MANTEC provides sales and marketing training and support for manufacturers located in the following Pennsylvania counties; York, Lancaster, Lebanon, Dauphin, Perry, Cumberland, Adams, Franklin, and Fulton.