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Sales Art or Science?

Sales Art or Science“If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, you don’t know what you are doing!” ~Dr. Edwards Deming

Can you describe your sales strategy as a process? Here is a best practice process:

  1. Best Customer Profile– It all comes back to this. Clearly define your best customer. Describe why they are the best. Now look for more customers like that.
  2. Markets– What markets can use your product or service? Are they growing? Look for growing markets. Use your “Best Customer Profile” as you search these markets.
  3. Qualified Possible Customers– A purchased list is a “bad list.” To turn it into a “good list,” you must develop qualification/disqualification scripts. Use your “Best Customer Profile” to develop these scripts.
  4. Let the calling begin– Make the cold calls yourself or hire an expert. Use the scripts and turn your “bad list” into a “good list” of potential customers who all closely match your “Best Customer Profile.”
  5. Keep calling– You must have relentless perseverance to churning the list, over and over and find the best customers.
  6. Have the skills– When your relentless calling results in appointment opportunities, you must have someone with sales skills to respond.
  7. Book the sale– When the above process books a sale, you must have LEAN systems in place to successfully process the sale. A satisfied customer will buy from you again.

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