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New Product Development


New product development helps manufacturers offset the eventual decline in demand for their products or producing a commodity item that can be easily duplicated by the lowest bidder. They may also lack the internal talent or a structured process for developing niche products where price isn’t the key factor in making the sale.

Developing better products in a more timely manner can help companies thrive in the face of these pressures.

MANTEC’s New Product Development Services provide clients with the skills and assistance to accelerate the creation and launch of new products faster and with better sales results than they currently achieve. We help clients assess their current results and practices, implement new processes, and build a solid foundation to ensure that the company is using the right tools, strategy, and timing to execute its new product offerings.

Benefits include:

    • Better utilization of engineering and marketing resources
    • Identification of promising product concepts based on real market data
    • Identification of opportunities that offer the highest margins and sales potential, enabling clients to focus on the most valuable products and customers
    • Reduction of time from concept to market for new product development
    • Reduction of new product failures
    • Enhancement and innovation of existing products

For more information about New Product Development Consulting, Call MANTEC First at 717-843-5054 or contact Leigh Ann Wilson at