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Typical Challenges

  • Are you ready to expand into new markets or geographies?  Do you know how and where?
  • How is your product differentiated from the competitors?  Is there a unified message across all marketing platforms? Is it clear to the customer what your company does, and why?
  • How has technology impacted your business model? Do customers want to be reached in different ways today than they did 5 or 10 years ago?
  • Is your website designed properly to quickly and efficiently relay information to the viewer? Does it utilize enough video? Is it using SEO?  Is an AdWords campaign appropriate?
  • How are you competing with overseas markets and customer demands for shorter runs and faster delivery?

Our Approach

For manufacturing companies, it is becoming more and more critical to know who their customers are, to stand out in new ways, and offer new value to those customers, and to reach those customers in the way they want to be reached. MANTEC provides insights and guidance in marketing strategy and collateral, as well as the latest technology and business trends that impact the marketing professional’s world.

Tools to Success

MANTEC will bring you the latest ideas customized to your company which will provide you a competitive advantage while also increasing sales. Here are some of the number of services we can provide.

  • Identify target market- Understand where sales opportunities are based on market segment, product and location.
  • Website Optimization through Search Engine Optimization, Paid Per Click Advertising, Social media, web design & more.
  • Association/Recognition of opportunities-  Analyze most valuable products and customers to see where supreme margins and sales lie/reside.
  • Collecting/ Analyzing data- Conducting research to understand the target market’s needs and wants by being the “voice” of the customer.
  • Brand awareness- Provide knowledge of current and potential customers’ view of your company along with views of competitors.


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