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Lifelong Learning

Earlier this month, MANTEC held the 10th graduation for our signature LEAN Certification program.  Nearly 400 adult learners have gone through the training and are now applying their newfound skills to their organizations.

In a recent survey of the graduates we learned that 50% were sent by their supervisor while the other 50% chose to attend for professional development.   It is interesting that half of the respondents were self-motivated to obtain new knowledge while the other half seem content with the status quo.

By nature we are resistant to change. The first class in the LEAN program is “Tools for Managing Change.”  This workshop teaches participants how to identify the stages of change, to manage them successfully and lay the foundation for an organization to accommodate and ultimately embrace change.  LEAN is all about thinking differently and integrating change.

The LEAN Certification program uses techniques for adult learners:
• ‘Train and Do’ sessions
• Application to job responsibilities
• Team based activities
The survey results indicated that 66% of the respondents felt the ‘Train and Do’ sessions were the greatest benefit to the program.  Another 22% ranked interaction with others as most important.

The hard part comes after class is over.  In the same survey, 82% of the respondents indicated that top management is involved in LEAN.  Leadership’s buy-in is a critical component to implementation success.

We often refer to LEAN and continuous improvement as a journey that never ends, a race with no finish line.  There will always be something to improve and the challenge is to avoid the culture slipping back into old habits.  With the right tools and people in place, the organization is on a path to lifelong learning and ongoing success.

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