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Typical Challenges

  • Are you ready to implement an ERP system to have greater visibility in the entire process?  Do you know the right option for your specific needs?
  • Do you have a process that could be automated to free up critical workforce?
  • How secure is your network from a possible breach?  Are you accepting credit card payments that are leaving you susceptible?

Our Approach

For manufacturing companies, it is becoming more and more critical to integrate technology throughout the organization.  MANTEC provides insights and guidance in ERP, automation, security and other technology trends and that will help produce growth and productivity.

Tools to Success

MANTEC offers technology services in many departments including front office, design, manufacturing planning & production, supply chain, and IT infrastructure/cybersecurity. Our services help create innovative and affordable new product and process improvement opportunities.

  • Front office–  Our front office services include improving website content/visualization, increasing social media interaction, analyzing market insights and many more.
  • Design– Our design services involve prototyping and testing along with 3D digital modeling and simulation/analysis.
  • Manufacturing planning & production– Our services in this department focus on M2M collaboration. We also provide services pertaining to transformative products, distributed manufacturing, and materials resource planning.
  • Supply chain– Our supply chain services focus not only on the aspects of supply chain but logistics as well.  Our services concentrate on inventory management, distributed manufacturing, and materials resource center.
  • IT Infrastructure & Cybersecurity– MANTEC address 13 critical security-controlled domains that ensure your company is safe from outside intruders.


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A Success Story

AMZ Corporation turned to MANTEC to assist with ERP selection to ensure quality documentation was available.  Read Real Results!