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Is your Business Safe from a Cyberattack?

The average cost to a small-to-medium sized business from a cyber-attack is $188,242. 60% of SMEs permanently close 6 months after a major malware attack. You cannot afford to ignore cybersecurity.

Your business is probably not as protected to the degree necessary. That’s just a fact. Think you’re too small to be a target? If your customers are sending you CAD drawings and you aren’t protecting the transmission of that data, you are an attractive target and you are at risk. Partly because larger organizations are already protected. Where else will a hacker turn to find the designs or other critical data that they need? Right to you.

Other Examples:

  • Lack of firewalls to segregating networks.
  • Inappropriate configuration of its software (i.e. storing information without encryption).
  • Computers connected to network with known security vulnerabilities and/or outdated operating systems.
  • Neglectful usage of hard-to-guess passwords.
  • Failure to inform employees of proper online security practices.

More on Cybersecurity Implications

But how much security is needed? MANTEC can help you determine your level of need.

In order to stay competitive and protected, industries must continuously innovate and improve processes that will streamline production without threatening business development or system reliability. Let MANTEC help your business identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover your online processes. Call today at 717-843-5054 or schedule an appointment.

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