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Manufacturing Growth & Innovation Services in PA

Business Growth

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Manufacturing Growth & Innovation Services in PA

Is your southcentral Pennsylvania manufacturing company having difficulty achieving and sustaining growth and meeting your revenue objectives? You’re not alone. Manufacturers of all types and sizes in Pennsylvania are facing an increasingly complex marketplace; one where competitors are no longer across the state, but across the globe. Add customer pricing pressures and ongoing escalation of costs for labor and materials, and it is easy to see why manufacturers work hard to sustain business growth that positively impacts the bottom line.

MANTEC’s Business Growth Services can help.

When it comes to remaining competitive and helping the bottom line, reducing costs is only part of the picture. Crafting and implementing strategies that sustain growth into the future requires a company to grow their top line. A careful re-evaluation of your sales and marketing strategies is an important first step toward capturing a larger share of the market and achieving your growth objectives.

MANTEC can help determine the best path for growth, where to gain new customers and enter new markets, understand the needs and wants of customers, develop new products, and look at ways to successfully position a company and its products to grow sales and market share. We offer a wide variety business growth services that will revitalize your sales and marketing strategies and generate more revenue for your organization.

Create a Clear Strategic Vision

An important step in the growth process is determining exactly where you want to take your company. Our expert consultants will help you develop a strategic vision that will serve as a roadmap for your organizational growth. We’ll also work with you to create a well-crafted strategic plan to transform your vision into a reality.

Enhance Your Sales and Marketing Efforts

Growth doesn’t happen without a strong emphasis on sales and marketing. Our business growth services include assessing your current sales and marketing strategies and finding ways to enhance these critical processes. We’ll help you identify untapped markets and develop effective solutions for maximizing their potential.

Use Innovation to Move Your Company Forward

These days, innovation serves as the catalyst for growth in many manufacturing organizations. MANTEC can help you identify ways to use innovation to your advantage, whether it’s via new product development, improving your manufacturing processes or developing creative customer retention strategies.

Our business-growth services are delivered by knowledgeable consultants who will work with your team to develop an effective, affordable, customized growth strategy. It will pay long-term dividends for your organization and provide a significant return on your investment.

Contact Us to Learn More About Our PA Business Growth Services

With MANTEC at your side, achieving and sustaining growth is a realistic objective. For more information about Growth & Innovation Services, Call MANTEC First at 717-843-5054 or contact Leigh Ann Wilson at


MANTEC provides Growth & Innovation training and services to manufacturers located in the following Pennsylvania counties; York, Lancaster, Lebanon, Dauphin, Perry, Cumberland, Adams, Franklin, and Fulton.