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Your business and sales functions require fast and effective office technology tools to perform their tasks and integrate with the rest of the company. Here are a few ways MANTEC can help your front office work at optimum efficiency:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Your sales, accounting, and logistics teams will benefit from an integrated CRM system for up-to-date contact information, as well as being a storehouse for valuable history on communications and ordering.

Remote Sales Staff

In most cases, you do not want your sales staff tied to their desks; they should be out selling. And many companies employ sales teams across the country and globe. For your sales professionals to be most effective, and for your internal team to be able to efficiently act on their sales, you need a secure and fast remote-access technology to login from any location.

Interactive Website

Today, every company needs a website. And not just any website, but one that is responsive across all technologies, engages your customers, and provides value to them.

Collaborative Engineering Tools

Technology has greatly increased the progression of collaborative engineering where multiple players from different organizations are working together to address design challenges, bargain for individual or collective advantages, agree upon courses of action, and/or attempt to craft joint outcomes to serve their mutual interests. To successfully participate in such efforts, your need to have the right tools.

Supplier Integration

You can improve the effectiveness of your supply chain by integrating your suppliers into your technology. Using a shared Management Information System, lets your suppliers know WHEN you need materials and keeps your inventory team abreast of WHAT materials are coming in.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

MANTEC offers a comprehensive solution that focuses on information (ERP, WMS, CRM) and process management (Continuous Improvement) to fully optimize company performance through technology. MANTEC’s solution providers are 100% independent, bringing unbiased advice based on the functional requirements of the client.

OEM Integration

The seamless integration of new technology and equipment to existing machinery is important to reduce downtime and production issues.


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