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Online Manufacturing Training Classes

One of the most significant problems facing employers in the manufacturing industry today is finding and retaining skilled workers. But with online manufacturing training courses, you can quickly and efficiently train employees and encourage them to move up in the workplace.

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Support a competitive workforce and business growth with the help of our expert training partner. With a vast selection of online courses tailored to your specialty and business needs, you can train both your existing workforce and new hires in one affordable package customized to your company’s size and budget.

Develop Your Workforce with On-Demand Training

We have partnered with a premier online training provider to offer our local manufacturers access to online modules that will fit your production schedule in multiple industry segments, including:

  • Foundational: From inspection of the materials used in production to quality and workplace safety, foundational online courses provide employees with the critical information they need when joining the manufacturing industry.
  • Machining: Machining online training can be divided by job role to encourage appropriate training for every functional area. Courses designed for both universal techniques and 11 specific job roles ensure that you’ll find the right class for everyone on your team.
  • Maintenance: Proactive maintenance requires a thorough knowledge of equipment to prevent breakdowns and increase lifespan. Maintenance online training courses cover both general principles and specific job roles for a total understanding of mechanical functionality.
  • Mechatronics: With courses integrating electronics with engineering disciplines, mechatronics online training programs are in high demand throughout the manufacturing industry.
  • WeldingAlong with welding and safety fundamentals, welding online training classes encompass specifics related to plasma cutting and oxyfuel and SMAW, GMAW, FCAW and GTAW arc welding. Courses are geared toward both entry-level and advanced welders.
  • Additive: Learn more about joining or combining materials using 3D computer modeling with additive manufacturing training classes, including training in 3D printing technology.
  • And many more.

With over 500 unique titles to choose from and hundreds of topics, you’re sure to find the ideal training program for your organization. Whether you’re a small-town manufacturer or a Fortune 500 company, you’ll experience the quality and productivity growth that can come only from an industry-leading online training program. We’ll work with you to develop a training program by analyzing your needs and implementing a solution that will allow you to monitor the training process and measure workers’ results.

“Machined Products was seeking a way to continually improve our skills without taking away from production.  The online training met our needs to engage our workforce and see tangible improvements.  In addition, MANTEC provided the resources to access training dollars.  The Online Training through Tooling-U was an easy investment in our people.”  ~Jeremy Gammache, President of Machined Products Co.

Benefits of Online Manufacturing Training

Our online training provider offers a myriad of benefits to your organization when it comes to a manufacturing training program, such as:

  • Flexible learning opportunities: Because these are online courses, your employees are able to learn the information they need at their own pace and according to a schedule that works for your employees and your business. They can engage with the coursework during a scheduled time at work, in the morning before work, after they get home or on the weekends. Anywhere your employees have a computer and an internet connection, they can develop their manufacturing industry skills with an online course from MANTEC.
  • The ability to learn from experts: Courses are designed by some of the most well-known subject matter experts in the country. These are proven professionals whose knowledge and ability well exceed industry standards. Our experts are both extremely knowledgeable and highly skilled at communicating their information in an easy-to-absorb way.
  • A range of skill levels: We have plenty of classes for every skill level, so whether your employee is new to their area, has been doing it for a while or is an expert veteran, we have classes that will be at their level of comprehension and increase their base of knowledge. Just choose a beginner, intermediate or advanced class based on your level of expertise.
  • Engaging coursework: If students are not engaged, they do not learn, even if they are motivated to do so. We understand this, and so have developed multimedia course presentations that are both instructive and highly engaging.
  • A way to find the right courses for your business: With more than 500 unique titles, we are sure to have an online course that can increase your employees’ base of knowledge anywhere along the supply chain. We urge you to take the time to look over our library to find the right courses for you. Our programs feature dozens of categories and hundreds of course topics, and we use an exclusive competency framework to map various areas, roles and functions to specific competencies, giving you complete control over your customized training program for your employees.
  • Bi-lingual training: We understand the benefits of a diverse workplace when it comes to manufacturing, and there’s no need for an employee to be a master of any one language to be great at their job. That’s why you can get our courses in both English and Spanish, with voiceovers in both languages, so your employees can learn in the manner and the language that is easiest for them.
  • Testing for quality assurance: We are confident that the way in which we present this material will make it easy for your employees to learn quickly at any level. However, we understand if you want to be sure. That’s why we offer pre-tests and post-tests with our courses, so you can get a clear, physical gauge of how well the trainee has mastered the subject material.


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