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LEAN Certification- Session 1 2018-2019


MANTEC’s LEAN Certification program develops the ability to see waste in a process and gives your employees the LEAN knowledge and tools necessary to succeed.   The program was developed through NIST, a division of the U.S. Department of Commerce.  Since 2005, MANTEC has certified hundreds of program graduates. Benefits of the LEAN Certification  include:

  • Structured approach
  • 7 Workshops and Simulations
  • On-site implementation projects
  • Return on your investment through train and do sessions and implementation projects
  • Smart Manufacturing Laboratory simulations

2 sessions offered throughout the year:
Session 1- Starts September 6 -  Ends December 19, 2018
Session 2- Starts January 17, 2019 - Ends May 30, 2019

View the Flyer for LEAN Certification 2018-19

20 participants per session
Participants should choose the session that fits their schedule best.  Makeup courses are available when needed.

MANTEC training is WedNet Eligible!  $1,300 available per employee annually.  *LEAN typically qualifies for $450.

Tools for Managing Change- September 6 and 13- 1/2 day sessions

This two-part workshop will teach participants how to identify the stages of change, to manage them successfully and lay the foundation for an organization to accommodate and ultimately embrace change.
Part 1: Helping Organizations Embrace Change Through Effective Communication
Good communication is critical during changes within an organization.  This course helps people understand their preferred communication style, how to determine the preferred style of others, and how to effectively communicate with anyone.
Part 2: Solving Problems/Managing Conflict/Building Better Teams
Change sometimes creates conflict.  In this course, participants will learn how to effectively lead a group through team problem solving and deal with conflict that may occur.

Change Agent/Kaizen Methodology- September 27

Learn how to transform your company or operation to that of LEAN by stimulating action, building velocity, and sustaining momentum. You will learn how to plan effective change processes, use influence and persuasion to overcome barriers, and learn the proven tips and techniques for sustaining change.  This workshop will explain what a Kaizen is, how to prepare for one, how to conduct a Kaizen, and how to measure the changes in performance.  Participants will also learn how to deal with common problems during a project.

5S: Workplace Organization "Train and Do"- October 10 and 11

This course also follows the Train and Do format for a 5S project.  Participants learn the 5S approach for workplace organization: Sort, Set In Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain.  Immediately after the theory is presented, participants apply the 5S concepts in a real-life situation.  Results of this 2-day project are always impressive and much better than most people expect.

Quick Changeover/Setup Reduction "Train and Do"- October 31 and November 1

This course teaches the fundamental principles of set-up reduction and reducing waste. It is based on the works of Dr. Shigeo Shingo and his Single Minute Exchange of Die System of Setup Reduction. The results of applying these principles and testing the new process typically result in AT LEAST a 25% reduction in Changeover time in 2 days.  Like the other Train and Do project, this is not just theory, but under the guidance of an expert, the theory is applied to a real-life situation.

Cellular Manufacturing- November 13

Learn how linking and balancing process steps can reduce process lead times by as much as 95%, Work-in-Process by 90%, and floor space by 50-75% while increasing productivity by 40% or more.  This hands-on course teaches how to create a continuous flow process through 5-steps for designing and implementing work cells.

Value Stream Mapping "Train and Do"- December 5 and 6

This course teaches the principles of Value Stream Mapping and participants immediately apply this information in a real manufacturing company.  The value stream maps will include both product flow and information flow.  The first step is to document the Current State.  Upon completion of the Current State Value Stream Map, participants will now be ready to analyze the process for waste and create an improved Future State Value Stream Map by working through a structured series of questions.  The result will be to identify mini-projects or kaizens that, when completed, will improve the entire value stream.  Through this Train and Do approach, participants will not only know the theory, but will be able to do a Value Stream Map themselves in a real-life situation.

LEAN Principles- December 19

LEAN Manufacturing has been touted as one of the best competitive tools available in business today, delivering dramatic savings in productivity, cycle time, and work-in-process inventories. In this one-day workshop, you become a shop floor employee building simple products. You will learn by hands-on activities that reinforce the LEAN Manufacturing principles. You will move from the presentation format to the shop floor three times during this workshop to apply the concepts that you learn.  Everyone will learn to see the waste in a process and how to eliminate the waste using the Lean tools.

Credit card payments are required for registration.  If this is not possible, please fill out this Offline Registration form.  Class confirmation will not be given until the check is received.


  •     Understand the 8 wastes of manufacturing
  •     Reduce lead times, cycle times, waiting times
  •     Free up floor space
  •     Improve efficiency of cross-training
  •     Save money
  •     Improve product quality and many more.


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Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.