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Effective Team Leadership


A recent TED talk (by David Grady and Jason Fried) estimated that bad meetings cost US businesses $37 Billion each year.
How much of that does your company experience?  The main reason that so much time is misspent in meetings is that most meetings are either poorly planned, poorly run or, all too often, both.
Nearly every competitive organization today uses teams to continually improve processes in search of excellence. The Lean enterprise relies heavily on team processes. Effective facilitation can transform an average team into a high-performing, highly-successful team. This 3-day workshop will enable participants to experience the roles and techniques of facilitation as they are learned. Participants will facilitate small group activities and will receive detailed feedback and coaching after each performance.
  • Learn different decision-making approaches
  • Handle disruptive meeting behavior
  • Get input from all attendees by using a variety of participation techniques
  • Plan a productive meeting


  • To learn to demonstrate an understanding of the facilitator role and the importance of managing meetings
  • Steer teams through a variety of decision-making processes
  • Spark creativity and innovation
  • Assess a team's needs and design effective team processes
  • Learn to navigate change

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