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Daily Performance Management/A3


What you measure is what your employees will focus on. Most customers primarily measure their suppliers based on Quality, Delivery, and Cost. Those same measurements on the shop floor as to how it is satisfying its customers are vital to continuously improving most company operations. Capturing the right measurements and having a process to review and improve them is of vital importance to the success of your LEAN transformation.  With the right measurements in place, you can build and sustain momentum and win the support you need.  With the wrong measurements in place, you are falling on your sword and  not leveraging the efforts of your teams to successfully focus on critical bottom line issues.
In this course, you will learn about how world-class companies attain 100% employee involvement, how to improve the culture of your organization, and how to link company strategies to plant-floor visual measures through SQDC boards (Safety, Quality, Delivery, and Cost).  The 2-day course will also include how to use the A3 problem solving process for team-based problem solving and training via simulation on basic root cause problem solving tools (5 why’s, fishbone analysis, pareto charts).  Attendees will be able to take back to their work environment the tools to drive effective and continuous improvement.

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  • Participants learn about convert information into intelligence
  • Win support and resources
  • Achieve and spotlight success


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