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Advanced LEAN Courses- Company Discount


This registration is for all 5 advanced LEAN courses as listed below.  A company can send the same person to all 5 courses or different individuals.  Registering for all 5 courses will save 10% versus taking courses individually.  If the same person attends all 5 courses, a Champion award will be presented.

MANTEC's Advanced LEAN Courses include courses that develop the ability to lead a team, technical training in higher-level topics, and gives your employees the LEAN knowledge and skills necessary to succeed.

Courses are available individually!

Advanced LEAN Courses 2017

Total Productive Maintenance (at Ecore)- April 4-6, 2017

This 3-day workshop is a production-driven improvement methodology that is designed to optimize equipment reliability while improving safety,  and ensuring efficient management of plant assets through the use of employee involvement and engineering.  TPM allows you to tap into the ‘hidden capacity’ of unreliable and ineffective equipment. Learn how manufacturers have improved productivity, quality, customer service, and safety levels by reducing unplanned downtime as much as 40-60% through this operator-based maintenance program.  During this course, major topics will include learning and applying the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) measure, a hands-on introduction to Predictive Maintenance techniques such as thermography, vibration analysis, ultrasonics, and assistance identifying and correcting safety and ergonomic problems.

LEAN for Business Processes- April 18, 2017

LEAN for Business Processes helps companies with any type of administrative function to streamline information flow--the gathering, improving, movement and storage of information. Just like LEAN for the factory floor, LEAN for Business Processes focuses on reducing total cycle time--in this case, the time between orders being placed and when payments are received. Basic process mapping techniques will also be taught and immediately applied to a simulated office process to identify waste and develop improvement plans.  Emphasis will be placed on cross-functional process mapping.  This full-day workshop combines classroom instruction with interactive live simulation where class participants take on the roles of managers and workers within an office.

Daily Performance Management/A3- May 11 and 12, 2017

What you measure is what your employees will focus on. Most customers primarily measure their suppliers based on Quality, Delivery, and Cost. Those same measurements on the shop floor as to how it is satisfying its customers are vital to continuously improving most company operations. Capturing the right measurements and having a process to review and improve them is of vital importance to the success of your LEAN transformation.  With the right measurements in place, you can build and sustain momentum and win the support you need.  With the wrong measurements in place, you are falling on your sword and  not leveraging the efforts of your teams to successfully focus on critical bottom line issues.

In this course, you will learn about how world-class companies attain 100% employee involvement, how to improve the culture of your organization, and how to link company strategies to plant-floor visual measures through SQDC boards (Safety, Quality, Delivery, and Cost).  The 2-day course will also include how to use the A3 problem solving process for team-based problem solving and training via simulation on basic root cause problem solving tools (5 why’s, fishbone analysis, pareto charts).  Attendees will be able to take back to their work environment the tools to drive effective and continuous improvement.

Pull/Kanban Systems- May 23 and 24, 2017

Allows the workshop participants to explore the process of designing and implementing Pull Systems/Kanban through classroom instruction and hands-on production simulations. Pull controls the flow of resources in a production process by replacing only what has been consumed and employs customer order-driven production schedules based on actual demand and consumption rather than forecasting. This course introduces participants to the principles of Pull Systems/Kanban, applies them in an ongoing simulation and demonstrates how they can be applied to a variety of manufacturing situations. Implementing Pull Systems can help you eliminate waste in handling, storing and getting the product to the customer. Kanban is a visual system of identifying an action required to replenish material, such as card, two bin systems, color coding pole or surface, etc.

Effective Team Leadership- June 6-8, 2017

Organizations know that they need the power of teams to achieve their best results.  Effective facilitation is what transforms an average team into a high-performing, highly successful team.  This can create a special challenge for anyone leading teams or meetings.  This workshop will enable participants to experience the roles and techniques of facilitation as they are learned.  Participants will facilitate small group activities and will receive feedback and coaching after each performance.

In this three-day workshop you will gain an understanding of the facilitator role and the importance of managing meetings; steer teams through a variety of decision-making processes; spark creativity and innovative ideas from all; assess a team’s needs, deal with challenging team behaviors, and design effective team processes.

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