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Cellular Manufacturing


Learn how linking and balancing process steps can reduce process lead times by as much as 95%, Work-in-Process by 90%, and floor space by 50-75% while increasing productivity by 40% or more.  This hands-on course teaches how to create a continuous flow process through 5-steps for designing and implementing work cells.

Credit card payments are required for registration.  If this is not possible, please fill out this Offline Registration form.  Class confirmation will not be given until the check is received.


  • Minimize part movement and inventory
  • Learn the eight wastes and the five step cell design process
  • Reduce lead, cycle and waiting times
  • Increase productivity and quality performance
  • Walk away with tools for cell design and kaizen
  • Optimize floor space
  • Improve efficiency of cross-training
  • Increase communication and flexibility

We are sorry but this event is not yet open for registration.

You will be able to register starting July 01, 2018