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Manufacturing Matters: Automating and Customizing the Lead Nurturing Process


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Hosted by L2Brands

Presented by Jennifer Peterson of Wavelength

Automating and Customizing the Lead Nurturing Process

Organized lead management and providing a personalized experience to all leads within your company’s pipeline is the hallmark of a market leader. But automation is often seen as a technology reserved for large brands or as being too impersonal to work well for small and medium sized companies.

In reality, a well-planned automated lead management system is attainable for any brand that understands its USP and can offer information of value to its prospective and existing customers. Any brand that has asked itself one of these questions should consider implementing a system that engages quality leads and moves them methodically through a personalized funnel to the point of meaningful contact:

  • What is happening to my leads? Are we following up? After the first call, then what??
  • Who is managing my warm and cold leads while my sales team is closing the hot opportunities?
  • My team is focused on serving the new clients we recently onboarded when the economy improved but we’re not prospecting. What happens in 12 months when our work flow has evened out?
  • Do I really need to add more staff to manage the sales process?
  • How do I know if my marketing and sales efforts are working? What’s my ROI?

Outcomes include understanding the value of a user-centric website as it relates to lead engagement, determining if your company can benefit from automated lead management, customizable features that will benefit your sales team, measuring ROI, and ways to apply processes to existing customers for upsell and cross sell.


8:00-9:30 Topic, discussion, and light breakfast

9:30-10:30 Plant tour

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