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Value Stream Mapping Train by Doing


This course teaches the principles of Value Stream Mapping and participants immediately apply this information in a real manufacturing company.  The value stream maps will include both product flow and information flow.  The first step is to document the Current State.  Upon completion of the Current State Value Stream Map, participants will now be ready to analyze the process for waste and create an improved Future State Value Stream Map by working through a structured series of questions.  The result will be to identify mini-projects or kaizens that, when completed, will improve the entire value stream.  Through this Train and Do approach, participants will not only know the theory, but will be able to do a Value Stream Map themselves in a real-life situation.

MANTEC training is WedNet Eligible!  $1,300 available per employee annually.  *LEAN typically qualifies for $450.

The team with the help of the firm’s participants determines what they want the future state to look like. They will focus on reducing or eliminating the non-value added wastes and then come up with the action plan to accomplish the future state. Participants will be welcomed to discuss their own examples and will be given guidance to create their own companies’ current and future state maps including specific suggestions on implementing LEAN in various administrative departments.

If you are not currently using LEAN methodologies in your operations, this workshop will identify techniques that will help you. You gain real life hands on experience in a manufacturing setting. The workshop will also give you practice and hands on experience constructing current state and future state maps.

Credit card payments are required for registration.  If this is not possible, please fill out this Offline Registration form.  Class confirmation will not be given until the check is received.


  • The workshop will also give you practice on constructing current state and future state maps.
  • Companies to identify opportunities for productivity improvements in the office.
  • Hands on experience in a manufacturing setting


We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.