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Change arrives fast these days. Competitors emerge overnight, new technologies alter the business, and labor market conditions are uncertain.  How do you ensure continued success in such complex, dynamic, and unpredictable conditions?

The default way people think about problems often involves jumping to conclusions and immediately seeking to solve problems, because the brain does not like uncertainty. The unconscious part of our brain takes bits of surface information, quickly extrapolates to fill in blanks, and gives us a false sense of confidence in our conclusion. And then we start making costly mistakes.

Toyota Kata does not teach problem solving, but rather a mindset that can make people more effective at problem solving – through practicing “Starter Kata.” Starter Kata are small routines or protocols that get practiced deliberately, especially at the beginning, to help people acquire a new skill. Starter Kata increase the speed of learning and are especially helpful when companies want to develop a shared way of thinking and working in a group of people, because everyone starts with practicing the same basics.
There are two main elements within Toyota Kata and each has its own set of Starter Kata - Improvement Kata and Coaching Kata.

The Improvement Kata helps develop fundamental skills of working like a scientist. The learner iterates or experiments his or her way toward a desired goal instead of deciding the way forward. This way of thinking and working helps people successfully deal with uncertainty and challenges.

The Coaching Kata is a repeating routine by which managers teach Improvement Kata to everyone in the company. The teacher or coach gives the learner procedural guidance, not solutions, helping the learner successfully overcome obstacles and develop confidence. Since many managers do not have experience in coaching others to think this way, the Coaching Kata helps managers develop these skills. With Toyota Kata, managers can develop their own coaching skills and their team members’ problem-solving skills simultaneously.

Toyota Kata is not a tool or a solution, but instead a routine performed every day to improve results through people.  This isn’t something you implement; Kata are practiced routinely to develop skill and drive proficiency.  Given that they’re practiced, this implies that there is no end.  If you’re ready to build capability in people with scientific thinking, this course is for you.
This 2-day course will teach you how to take human talent and make them willing and capable of solving problems every day.

  1. Understand the direction or challenge
  2. Be clear on current condition
  3. Establish the next target condition
  4. Experiment toward target condition

The instructor is Andy Oskam, MANTEC's LEAN Development Manager.  Andy is #22 trained in the World to conduct this course through TWI’s exceptional method.

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