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Are You a Defense Supplier? Are You Aware of the NIST 800-171 Requirements? Do You Know the Deadline has Passed?

If you can’t answer “yes” to all of these questions, call us today to help you remain compliant or Learn More .


You may think your IT department is too secure or your company is too small to be concerned about cybersecurity. You are wrong.

In a world where technology controls almost everything you do in business, where malware and viruses run rampant, and federal government offices are being hacked, your company is vulnerable.

MANTEC addresses 13 critical security-controlled domains:

Inventory of IT Assets

Do you REALLY know all of the hardware and software your company owns and where it is?

Security Configurations – Hardware

Every server, laptop, tablet, and technology-based machine has a security configuration. Do you have all of them documented?

Security Configurations – Other Tools

What about the security configurations for your firewalls, routers, and other technology tools?

Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation

You can increase the risk of compromise to your critical information and systems with “small” changes you make to your network on a day-to-day basis – providing intranet access to a strategic partner, deploying new applications, and implementing new technology. Let us identify the potential security vulnerabilities on your network perimeter and find out how to fix them.

Maintenance, Monitoring, and Analysis of Audit Logs

Automatically generated audit reports provide critical information about your systems and network. Many companies do not even look at them…until something bad (and potentially preventable) happens. Don’t be one of those companies. Have your audit logs maintained, monitored, and analyzed.

Malware Defenses

We have all heard the horror stories – systems shut down, data lost forever. As technology becomes more advanced, so do the people that create the viruses and malware to wreak havoc. Make sure your IT team is keeping up with the malware. MANTEC can help.

Application Software Security

When you purchase or license a new software, it is as secure as the day it was designed (and the vulnerabilities that existed at that time). However a day or a week or a couple of years later, there is a gap in the security of an application to the vulnerabilities or design flaws that can affect that application today. It is important to keep your software applications up-to-date on security measures frequently.

Remote Access / Wireless Access Control

As more employees work out of the office and locations become wireless, security of data is at greater risk. Ensure your employees’ remote access is being use securely. Take measures to keep your wireless network secure, too.

Data Protection / Recovery Capability

Your data is priceless. What would happen if it was all erased tomorrow? There are measures you can take to protect your data today and, in the unlikely event something happens, have it recovered prompted. Does that interest you?

Cyber Awareness Training

You don’t know what you don’t know. As things change in technology VERY quickly, that could be a lot you don’t know. MANTEC’s Cyber Awareness Training will keep you “in the know”.

Account Monitoring / Controlled Access

The more people you have accessing your network, the great risk you incur. MANTEC can help you assess your risk, then develop a plan and protocols for controlled access.

Incident Response and Management

When something happens to your server or network, you want your system back FAST! We can help make that happen…and maintain your systems so it doesn’t happen often.

Defense Industrial Base DFARS/ITAR Compliance

If you work with any defense or military contracts, you are familiar for their stringent compliance requirements. Your technology falls within the compliance expectations. MANTEC can help to get DFARS/IFAR compliant and stay that way.


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