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Typical Challenges

  • Are you spinning your wheels trying to solve the same old issues?
  • Are you gambling thinking, “That won’t happen to me?”
  • Are you experiencing declining sales and profits?
  • Are you able to meet pressing customer demands, or are quality and inefficient production an issue?

Our Approach

You know your manufacturing business and can identify strengths as well as areas for improvement.  MANTEC provides insights and guidance in long-term business opportunities including strategy, technology, workforce and more.

Tools to Success

MANTEC is an objective and right-sized consulting and training partner that discovers the root causes of problems and identifies effective solutions.

Operational Excellence & Quality–  Improve your customer satisfaction, employee retention, product and service quality, and marketplace competition

Growth & Innovation– Determine the best path for growth, where to gain new customers and enter new markets, understand the needs and wants of customers, develop new products, and look at ways to successfully position a company and its products to grow sales and market share

Technology– Use advanced manufacturing planning and production control systems enhance the flow of product through your plant

Workforce Development– Increasing your employees’ skill levels, workforce development training can result in improved job performance throughout your organization


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A Success Story

In your diverse role, it is difficult to pick one!  Read Real Results from 8 companies on different facets of business.

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