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What’s So Cool About Manufacturing? 2016 video contest

“What’s So Cool About Manufacturing?” is a student video contest for middle school students.  The contest raises awareness among students, parents and educators with an accurate depiction of today’s manufacturing environments and career choices.  Manufacturing jobs have exciting career paths, excellent pay, engaging work environments and are in high demand! Students will determine what they want to […]

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Investing In New Technologies Today Helps Manufacturers Compete Tomorrow

Manufacturers today are faced with numerous complex decisions concerning IT investments. Pressures to improve performance are escalating, yet clear strategies remain elusive. Excessive hype around disruptive technologies often leads to decision paralysis. Cautious manufacturers are shying away from early adoption of some advanced digital enterprise technologies. Delay, however, is dangerous in today’s highly competitive environment. […]

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Collaboration Technology Makes Manufacturing Efficient

Virtually every industry and organization can benefit from better project collaboration. Manufacturing, in particular, has complex projects with many moving parts. Integrating the expertise of numerous people in various locations and sharing large amounts of data is difficult with traditional solutions, such as email and spreadsheets. Open collaboration is critical in bringing people, ideas, systems […]

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Is your Business Safe from a Cyberattack?

The average cost to a small-to-medium sized business from a cyber-attack is $188,242. 60% of SMEs permanently close 6 months after a major malware attack. You cannot afford to ignore cybersecurity. Your business is probably not as protected to the degree necessary. That’s just a fact. Think you’re too small to be a target? If […]

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Gigabit Revolution

The Gigabit Revolution is an amazing technology improvement proposed in our region, directly impacting Ephrata, York and Hanover. BACKGROUND:  In 2016, UFD is building a new point-to-point ultra-high speed broadband fiber network from New York City to York, PA to Ashburn, VA.  While most NYC to DC broadband traces the I-95/Amtrak corridor, the UFD fiber […]

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What will I do differently in 2016?

Welcome to 2016!  The new year is usually the time to set resolutions for the year.  Here is a top 10 list of resolutions and how you can apply them to your business: 1- Lose Weight–  Consider inventory as your business waist line.  Is it bulging in the middle?  Implementing a LEAN strategy will reduce lead time, cost […]

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Newsletter- Special Technology Edition

MANTEC’s latest Newsletter is all about technology. Technology- the Game Changer in Manufacturing Cybersecurity Implications How Millennials can Help Manufacturers Adapt to Change 3 Keys to Make Internet of Things Work Continuously Sizing Up the Internet of Things 4 Ingredients to Make Internet of Things Work for Manufacturers Manufacturing and the Digital Revolution Detect, Respond, […]

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