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Manufacturing Technology’s Future

Technological advancement has long driven the pace of manufacturing. Today, most factories are hubs of advanced machinery, churning out goods more efficiently than was possible in the past. However, as technology advances exponentially, manufacturing continues to evolve. Many emerging tools have the potential to revolutionize the manufacturing industry changing both how products are produced and […]

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How to Budget for Your Manufacturing Company

Preparing an accurate budget is an essential part of maintaining your manufacturing company’s profitability. In addition to giving you a reference for your company’s financial performance, your budget helps you set prices, increase efficiency and plan for future growth. Both large and small manufacturers benefit from improved budgeting methods. Learn more about manufacturing budgets and […]

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Keeping Track of Skills

In today’s competitive manufacturing landscape, you’re most likely well aware of your suppliers’ key performance indicators, as well as the impacts of handling, shipping and distribution on your overall unit costs. But what do you know about tracking employee skill sets? And how do you know if your business will be impacted by a skills […]

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What the Internet of Things Is Doing for Manufacturing

The Internet of Things — or IoT — is a buzzword used frequently in everything from white papers and case studies to articles and blogs. But what exactly is the Internet of Things, and what is it doing for manufacturing? What Is the Internet of Things? The Internet of Things refers to the ever-expanding network […]

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Marketing Focus- Creating a Culture of Innovation: Start in Your Sales & Marketing Departments

Provided by MEP National Network’s Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership.  Written by Jim Allen. In the first of this three-part blog series, we introduced the notion of starting with your sales and marketing departments as places where you can innovate new aligned, value-based best practices and processes. In this blog we’ll look at WHY these practices/processes […]

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