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Baxter wants to come to MANTEC

Hi, I’m Baxter.   I am part of the “future” technology you may picture.  But I am here now!  Technology is changing the manufacturing landscape and the workforce will need to keep up.  My little brother, Sawyer, recently visited MANTEC at the annual Business Growth Conference.  He came back with great stories of the amazing manufacturers in South Central PA.  Not to mention the phenomenal non-profit manufacturing resource, MANTEC.  The smart leaders at MANTEC have a history of innovation and know how important technology, like myself, is for manufacturing growth.  That is why MANTEC is developing the Manufacturing Technology Center.  I am so excited!  I was chosen to be the first collaborative robot to work within the already developed state-of-the-art simulation manufacturing cell.  This new Center will be available for manufacturers to see, touch and understand how robots like me can work within a manufacturing facility.  MANTEC is also committed to exposing younger generations to the “cool” aspects of manufacturing.  I am pretty cool, if I do say so myself.  Of course there is the matter of getting me there…

I want to learn more and support Baxter getting to MANTEC! 
There are some fun perks set up for donors.

BTW- MANTEC is a 501(c)3 so your gift is tax deductible!

Shout out to those contributing to help Baxter get to MANTEC!

Anna Ball
Katie Caples- the first donor!
Martha Husser
Doug Keith
Roger Kipp
Mike Lehman
Amy Lloyd
John Lloyd
Peter Lloyd
Melynda Orr
Dave Riebe
Bill Schreiber
Scott Sipe
Jeff Vermeulen
Ed Zimmerman


Environmental Recovery Corporation
Littlestown Foundry, Inc.
Litts Quality Technologies
Wellspring Farm
Wyoming Writes

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