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Workforce Strategic Planning

For some companies, workforce planning sounds like a siloed task for a single HR professional. However, companies who take this approach to workforce strategic planning could be unpleasantly surprised by its inability to meet their talent needs. In business sectors…

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Six Sigma Consulting

Of all quality improvement methodologies, Six Sigma is arguably the one most geared towards the manufacturing industry. Born out of Bill Smith’s work at Motorola in the 1980s and adopted as Jack Welch’s central business strategy at General Electric in…

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LEAN Manufacturing Consulting

To understand why LEAN manufacturing consulting makes so much sense for small- to medium-sized businesses in Pennsylvania, it helps to have a clear picture of the origins of the LEAN methodology and what that means in the hands of a…

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Onsite Manufacturing Training

If you are seeking on-site training for your manufacturing industry operation in the South Central PA area, look no further than MANTEC. We offer a range of training options to help optimize the effectiveness of your team in your manufacturing…

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ERP Consulting Services

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is the term used to describe the concept of integrating and managing various core business processes. Effective ERP implementation offers a host of benefits to organizations. For instance, it provides real-time access to the data required…

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Human Resources

Typical Challenges Are you struggling to find skilled people? Are you developing your employees to fill future needs? Do you need assistance with effective recruitment? Are your handbooks and compliance policies up to date? Our Approach For manufacturing companies, it is…

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