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Are you missing HUGE opportunities right in front of you?

Most companies understand that LEAN / Continuous Improvement (CI) is crucial to their survival and growth in today’s world. Without LEAN, many companies are forced to accept tiny margins or go out of business.  Most CI projects are focused on Production and Distribution functions, often the biggest value-add centers for the customer.

Truly embracing LEAN means expanding the scope to all other essential business activities.

CI principles are universal and can be applied to aspects of Sales, Engineering, Finance, Administration, Human Resources, and Purchasing as well. A few years ago, MANTEC’s two-person Accounting department implemented over 20 LEAN initiatives in a 12-month period. The results:
•160 man-hours saved.
•50% reduction in monthly closing lead time.
•50-95% reductions in the potential for human error.
•Cash flow improvements.

Take a moment to consider the following questions:
•In the full Quote-to-Cash cycle, how many critical roles are touching your product or customer, directly or indirectly?
•How much of your lead time and turnover is caused by inefficiencies in your internal documentation, information systems, or interfaces between departments?
•If your LEAN efforts have focused primarily on Production and Distribution, how many potential bottlenecks, distractions, and points of frustration are left unsolved for your customers and staff?
•Are your office employees constantly complaining, “There MUST be a better way!” or forced to use work-arounds?

If you’re ready to unlock improvements in the non-production areas of your business, check out MANTEC’s “LEAN for Business Processes” course on January 13.

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