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Strategic Doing

Does your team work on important improvements and opportunities? Or is it always the urgent stuff? Does strategic planning seem complicated and time consuming? Is it tough to follow through and finish? Maybe you need to take a different approach. How is Strategic DOING different? We focus on the best practices that work for you. […]

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What will I do differently in 2016?

Welcome to 2016!  The new year is usually the time to set resolutions for the year.  Here is a top 10 list of resolutions and how you can apply them to your business: 1- Lose Weight–  Consider inventory as your business waist line.  Is it bulging in the middle?  Implementing a LEAN strategy will reduce lead time, cost […]

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A Sound Strategy for Global Success

Manufacturers today face challenges like never before. Obstacles to success are mounting: • Employee issues and workforce shortages • Unfair global trade practices • Crippling regulations • Currency manipulation • Intense competition, both domestic and foreign • An uncertain political environment One lesson I’ve learned from my years in business is to focus on what I can control, not the uncontrollable. […]

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Proud to Manufacture in PA 2015

On October 1, MANTEC hosted our annual “Proud to Manufacture in PA” event.  We had record participation with over 180 in attendance.  The day included morning workshops, LEAN, Six Sigma and Innovation graduation, and the Excellence in Manufacturing Awards.  The keynote was Ross Born of Just Born, Inc. (the PEEPS Company).  We had fun with […]

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Manufacturing Excellence in South Central PA

Manufacturing is South Central PA’s #1 wealth generating industry and accounts for 10% of Pennsylvania’s workforce with an average wage of $56,000. National Manufacturing Day addresses common misperceptions about manufacturing. MANTEC’s “Proud to Manufacture in PA” event on October 1, 2015 recognizes manufacturers in South Central Pennsylvania. During the luncheon we announce the winners of […]

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Innovation, the Key to Survival

Back in business school I was taught that the ultimate goal in business is survival.  Being young and impressionable, I believed what I was taught.  I’ve carried this premise with me through the four decades since. Survival is a noble goal- and is an objective in which thousands of firms have failed.  Once mighty airlines, […]

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